The Secret is Out!!


The Secret is Out

For months, we in the studio have been struggling to contain our excitement about the release of the August issue of Traditional Home in which we are named a New Trad 2021. We've resisted every impulse to post the news on IG stories and scream it from the rooftop of our studio. And to be honest, it's personally taken a while for me to process the notion of being a “fresh face” at this stage of my life!


And, when we finally received a PDF copy of the issue, we marveled at the work of those who we have the honor of sharing the title with this year.

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As Kristin Mullen Designs continues to change and grow, we are eternally thankful to you for following along, cheering us on, and sharing your ideas with us. Every newsletter reply, DM, and email is so meaningful and we cannot thank you enough.

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