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July 2021
Dr. Miaken Zeigler  |  303.623.0808

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ZC Rockstars!

We are excited to celebrate you, our community, next week for our SPIRIT Patient Appreciation Week!

My purpose, in practice, is to raise the health consciousness of our community. Our family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and more... are looking for connection, health, and something different for their healthcare. And, what we do is different. 

Next week, we are offering complimentary chiropractic exams to help your loved ones understand how chiropractic care plays a vital role in vitality, health and longevity. And, the earlier you get checked, the healthier you grow! Will you share what you know... kids need chiropractic care now more than ever! 

Join us on Monday, July 26 for Patient Appreciation Day for games, snacks and artisanal Michoacan Mexican popsicles from Chupacabra!

It's SPIRIT Week June 26-29th - come play with us!

Monday = wacky hair day!
Tuesday = pajama day!
Wednesday = wild west day!
Thursday = favorite color day!


Can't wait to celebrate with you!

We love & appreciate you!

Dr. Miaken


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