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My measurement of what is ‘enough’ has undoubtedly changed over the past two years and frankly, continues to evolve even as I write this. But I’ve been thinking about it a lot this week, both when it comes to the business and personally.  


As I work through the next steps for this business, I’m realizing that it’s not ‘enough’ in every aspect it should be.  Amazing clients?  Check.  Fulfilling design work?  Check. Check. Check.  Enough rest?  Errr….perhaps not.  Expenses covered?  Yeah...not so much. 


And I know this is something that many people are dealing with as this pandemic moves into its halfway point. Getting a livable wage while not also killing ourselves is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have. But also, like, why is milk $6 a damn half-gallon?  Why does clean air feel unattainable for less than $1000 / year? I live in constant fear of getting dropped by our health insurance, AGAIN.   And why taxes, like, in general?  I mean, I know the answer to most of this is capitalism coupled with privilege and supremacy; yes, I get it.  Also, seeing bazillionaires launch themselves into space for literally no reason over the last two weeks, knowing that they could help but WON’T, has been absolutely infuriating and is just fueling my fire for more significant change.


Frankly, though, it’s been pretty overwhelming to think about the big things in the world when everything still seems so tenuous in our own lives in general. That, coupled with a whole lot of summer FOMO, has left me feeling more than a little brittle these past few days. Big shout out to my husband Brian for dealing with my, let’s say, less than generous relationship efforts this week. Luh you boo...


So, hey, if you’re dealing with these big, scary, life-changing thoughts, too - Hi!  Hello!  Welcome!  You are absolutely not alone!  But, like, what have you been doing to cope with it all?


To get by this week, I’ve been using good music, cheese plates with these Fig & Rosemary Crisps, wild baseball games, and….


Some small moments of  joy:

10-minute strength workouts on Fitness+

Good Headphones (I’ve had these for years and freaking adore them)

These Mini Apricot Galettes (next time I’ll de-Vegan them, but they were still fantastic)

Getting my pre-ordered copy of  While We Were Dating

Switching to Brave and finally getting rid of Chrome (if you have a Mac that’s running super chuggy, do this, it’s a HUGE speed improvement; go to and follow the super easy instructions; I wish I hadn’t waited so long to make the switch)

This fascinating thread on Appalachian fossils

Poppy Northcutt posting her Apollo badge (Poppy in general, really)

R. Eric Thomas on Self-Care

This whole kitchen situation, but especially the backsplash

I need Abby to be my travel agent

100% my interior lighting philosophy

Further proof the Earth is Female

I too would be FREAKING OUT (this legit made me tear up)

Easy Digital Paint by Number

Here are the other things that got me through this week.

I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be.

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