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Happy Friday! 


This week has been incredible, and it's all due to you.


Murder at Sea Captain's Inn released Tuesday. Already the reviews have been amazing! Below is a snapshot of what readers are saying. I couldn't be more thrilled!



Reader Praise for Murder at Sea Captain's Inn


“Melissa Bourbon has deftly waved her magic wand and spun this original entertaining Book Magic Mystery series which will take you on a fascinating and magical ride!”


“I am in love with this series…I didn’t want the story to end.”


“Murder at Sea Captain's Inn is a well-woven tale of mystery, history, murder, and myth…This book is a unique cozy mystery.”


“A spellbinding mystery with a tightly woven plot that kept me reading long into the night.”


“I couldn't put it down for fear of missing what was around each twist and turn.”


“The mix of history and magic lead the reader on a twisty-turny ride that will keep you guessing until the very end.”


“It’s such a wonderful book.”


“If you love history, a mystery and a great read this cozy is for you."


“This is an excellent mystery with history, magic and contradictions.”


Thank you, everyone, for helping to make the release of this very special book so successful!


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Happy Reading!




Pet and Family Corner 🐾🐾🐾


Instead of family or pets, today I'm sharing about friends! The lovely Dru Ann Love visited family in Charlotte recently. Diane Kelly and I did a quick road trip to meet up with her. Here's a shout out to bookish friends!

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