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I recently returned from Alaska

on a week long trip with my parents (where the photo above was taken). Once I got back I received a temporary 6 week job opportunity there which means next Sunday I will be flying out to Alaska once again! Phew, it's a ride. This life that is.


While there I'll be taking a step back from my personal work, but I will continue to post weekly guided meditations.


On that note–I'm also taking a break from programs & courses I've been crafting because I've realized I don't yet feel ready to create this type of content. (I'm currently working on being kinder to myself and softening my expectations :)).

I want to be intentional about what I'm creating and why without forcing it. When the time is right, I hope my offerings will be supportive and full of value.


Meanwhile, I'll continue to share free content with you from my heart: writing, meditations, video lessons, and more. 


What's your favorite? Sometimes I get an email response from one of you and it always makes my day. I love hearing about what resonates for you, and I'm especially interested in what you'd find supportive. Please do share when you feel inclined to!










If you could see the bigger picture–


the minutes, hours, weeks, months, years, and decades of your life strung together in chronological order—you would witness a beautifully orchestrated danced.

You would see that chaos can (and does) eventually untangle itself into harmony. That all the pain and random circumstances you didn’t plan for have somehow, in the grand scheme of things, created a masterpiece of your life that you really had little control over.

But you of course can’t necessarily see that in this moment because you are zoomed into the present—you can’t yet see the big picture. Like being zoomed in on a few single pixels of a photograph, the pieces of your life may not seem synchronized in any way.

But still, the pixels come together to form a piece of art more profound than anything you could have ever imagined in the midst of it all.

With time, order will always come out of chaos. All the random bits and unsolved questions of your life are microscopic movements of a graceful dance. The trick is to trust that this is the case, and then surrender to its unfolding.







“You must determine where you have been in your life so that you can know where you are now. If you don't know where you are, precisely, then you could be anywhere. You must determine where you are going in your life because you cannot get there unless you move in that direction. Random wandering will not move you forward. Specify your destination, then chart your course. Admit to what you want. Tell those around you who you are. Narrow, and gaze attentively, and move forward, forthrightly.”

– Jordan Peterson



Samantha Case