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hey there, friend!

Whelp, nothing like the beginning of August to unexpectedly implement an entire rebrand! Cheers to randomness!


This was absolutely not a planned update, but I'm so glad I took the leap and did it. It was time.  So welcome to the new look - lots more to see on the website, too.  I leveled up with a Tonic template, and I can't say enough good things - they're so amazing to work with!


It was just one of the more major changes I'd been eyeing for a while now, in every area of life.  Like clockwork, August rolls around, and every single year, I feel unsatisfied, I get low, get stuck in my head, and I find myself wanting to make improvements to almost every area of my life.  I look for things to tear down and rebuild.  Other symptoms include: buying random new clothes, trying a new hair color or drastic cut, or randomly re-arranging furniture and purging carloads of old stuff to charity.  


But no symptom is stronger than than my need to update this house right now!  I always get the itch about 7 years in for every place we've lived, but we're reaching 10 years here…and the need to ask for a gut reno of more than one room in our house is getting real strong.  I've been making due with random reorganizations and purges, and little detail changes as we save up for the bigger ones.  


I gotta get a real plan together, first…but until then…let's enjoy some



Wearing only the lightest of skirts, with a cami

This pergola design

A really great explanation of the undertones in paint

Yes, I am already starting to think about Halloween

Glossy Red Trim and gorgeous wallpaper

Feeling nostalgic about the olde internet

Resting can be whatever you need it to be

More acapella backed rap, please

I need this sexy mixer bowl

Bernie is a real one

So excited about the smol stick

These colors (and the bright coral underlayer!!!)

The living is what's important

This super simple explainer thread about Covid rates made me feel better 

I am loving the new kids line by Christian Robinson at Target (the microscope lamp!!!)

But why is this so true tho?


Here are the other things that have gotten me through this week.

I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be.






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Keep taking care of yourself, okay?





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