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Connecting with Angels


Do you believe in angels?  Do you believe they protect us and guide us?  Do you feel connected to them or wondered how to connect with angels?


Angels and Archangels not only offer us protection they also heal us and guide us, all we must do is ask.  I often call upon Archangels Michael and Raphael for protection and healing and ask for their assistance in my healing practice.


So, why should we connect with these celestial beings?  Our angels’ purpose is to help bring peace upon Earth, one person at a time. When we ask for help, and allow them to help us, we’re helping the angels fulfill their missions.


So how do we connect with angels?  Here are some suggestions to connect with and work with your angels:

  1. Take a few minutes out each day to commune with your angels, talk to them either out loud or in your head and express your gratitude to them.
  2. When you need help from your angels all you need to do is ask.
  3. Ask your question, quiet your mind and wait for the response.
  4. Close your eyes and picture a golden light filling you up with unconditional love.
  5. Your response will come to you in some way, maybe a whisper or a thought, or maybe a sign from nature such as a bird or butterfly. You may be drawn to read a certain book or watch a particular film. Maybe even a song on the radio will give you the inspiration you need. Just pay attention over the next few days, and sure enough your answer will come.
  6. Don't forget to thank your angels for their help.

So, the next time you are feeling fearful or overwhelmed or needing some guidance ask your angel for help!  How do you know when your angel is there with you? Here are some signs you may receive:

  1. Finding feathers on your path is one of the more commonly known signs of the angels. Feathers of any color are a beautiful reminder that your angels are near, loving and supporting you from behind the scenes. When you find feathers in a place which is somewhat abnormal, it is an especially powerful angelic sign. When you find white feathers, they're almost always a sign from your angel.
  2. A sensation of warmth and a flush or rush of warm light energy is a clear sign of angels! When a nonphysical spiritual being begins to move their energy down into material reality, they move through layers of the etheric life force energy in order to manifest. And the first layer of energy that they move through is the warmth ether. And so this is why when an incredibly light and high and advanced spiritual being like an angel is reaching out to you, their presence can be felt as warmth. This may feel to you like the temperature of the room around you is being turned up, or you may simply out of nowhere in your meditation, when you're sitting there journaling feel this warmth, and rise of warmth within you, this is a clear sign of the presence of angels.
  3. In addition to feeling warmth, angelic energy often feels like gentle tingles on the surface of your skin. This is a positive feeling, although it may feel a bit strange. It happens when your vibration begins to raise due to being in the presence of an angel! This tingling sensation is a clear angel sign and may accompany other signs to bring further validation of the presence of angels!
  4. Angelic energy is powerful! And so when you're in the presence of angels, the actual lighting around you may show signs of this increase of energy. This angel sign could take the form of the lights around you (like a lamp in your room) flickering. It may also take the form of a light turning itself on with no clear reason for why that should have happened (other than a paranormal reason of course). When an angel directs their awareness towards you, that awareness carries an almost electrical energy, which is why electrical devices like lighting acting a little weird is a clear sign! Flickering Lights can be a clear validation of the presence of angels, as it is one of the top signs of an angel watching over you.
  5. Feeling a gentle breeze or the movement of air around you without it having a physical causation is another undeniable angel sign. The cause of this movement of the air is the angelic being creating it! This will sometimes happen to me when I'm sitting in a room meditating and it's perfectly calm and still, and I'm connecting with the angels and seeing them moving around me through my inner vision, and then there's also a tangible sensation of movement in the air. This angel sign happens through the sensation of feeling and it is a paranormal movement where you're in a room, it's not drafty, and yet there is a warm draft of energy moving through as angelic energy moves towards you.
  6. I have met several people whose first sign of the angels was when they started to hear angelic music and singing originating from outside the material world. Angels may also communicate with you through recurring songs you hear on the radio. Or by causing you to hear a series of songs, all with a very similar theme. Angels often send messages through music, whether it is through a song which just starts playing in your mind, hearing peaceful tranquil music when meditating, or continuing to hear a certain song on the radio… Be mindful of the guidance which comes to you through music, especially when you wake up with a song in your head which answers a question you've had as this is often an angel sign and a signal that you've had angel visits at night.
  7. Finding coins, on your path or finding currency in general, is a common sign of guidance and support from the realms of spirit. If you find a coin on your path, or perhaps someone gives you a coin, pay attention! Does the date on the coin hold any meaning for you? Have you asked for financial help from your angels? What were you thinking about right before you noticed the coin? When you understand that coins are commonly used signs from your angels, and from deceased loved one… You'll know to pay attention and observe what is happening within and around you in the moment you find the coin on your path, so you can then understand the deeper meaning and significance which is often a symbol from Spirit illustrating you're loved, supported, and guided. Coins may be signs of angelic beings, or from your deceased loved ones in Spirit.
  8. Angels are beings of love and light and so seeing unexplained shimmers of light, or flashes of light and color around you, or around another person is a clear angel sign! This may take the form of a bright star which catches your eye, shafts of light streaming down from above, a flash of light appearing without an actual light source, light shimmering off of an object in an unusual way, or the quality of air around you just seeming to shimmer and sparkle. Try closing your eyes, and if you still see the light, it's very likely an angel with you. Breathe, relax, and if you're ready your angel may expand the light before you, or envelop you within the angelic glow to bring you healing, upliftment, and rejuvenation.
  9. Rainbows are a common symbol of Divine love. When you ask for angelic assistance and shortly after seeing a rainbow, know your prayers have been heard and are being answered. If you've been thinking about your angels, or asked for a sign, and you notice a rainbow, it's likely your angels confirming they are with you. A rainbow orb around the moon, a double rainbow, or a rainbow appearing when it hasn't even been raining, are extra spectacular signs from your angels bringing encouragement, and validation from the heavens.
  10. One of the most common ways angels will attempt to capture your attention and guide you is through Angel Numbers. Whether you are sitting in traffic behind a car with 333 on the license plate, or you seem to look over at the clock at just the right time, say 11:11 exactly. These synchronistic times, and angel numbers have specific meanings for you. 

These are just some of the signs that an angel may be around you.  May you discover and connect with your angels today!




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