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Happy Friendship's Day!


You know back when I was in engineering college, I used to love that Friendship's Day falls on a Sunday. Because on Sunday evenings, our mess used to have an official off and we used to on our own for dinner.


Sundays were one day we all were permitted to stay out of the hostel till late in the night and dinner or not, we used to make sure to use this opportunity well. But the friendships day dinner was even more special.


We would play dress-up, find the latest and the best restaurant in town, and exchange tons of gifts with each other. Basically, it was an entire day revolving around our little group of 4 friends and it couldn't have been better!

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If you think we were crazy, you might be right! 


But I think crazy is exactly what we need when it comes to showering love. Be it to our friends or anyone else!


And after so many years of seeing people gawk when I tell my friendships day story, I have finally found my tribe. People who think friendship's day is as important as Valentines Day or any other festival round the year.

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And today, in this Sunday Letter I want to talk about them. But first, a big shout out to all you guys who have been sending Dohful Cookies to their family and friends on various occasions like birthdays, baby showers, thank you gifts, and much more.


Honestly, I feel so blessed that you guys trust us to delight your loved ones. More than that, I am always so happy to be the bearer of your messages all across the country, whenever and wherever you want! 

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Okay, I came across two instances this past week where both these gentlemen who had already tried Dohful Cookies decided to send a box each to all their friends. Though there were many more people sending friendships day gifts to each other, there was something special about both of them.


The first one sent a gift box to about 20 of his friends from his first salary


He was a recent engineering graduate and wanted to treat his friends to something really good this year. He shared with me how they used to plan trips for friendships day every year for the first 2 years of college and the fact that he hasn't met his friends for more than 1 year now.


Chatting with him I really started to miss my own college days.

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The second instance is of someone who became a parent very recently. He told me about how he had celebrated this new bundle of joy in his life with all his family members but his friends couldn't be there because they're all over the country and everyone is avoiding travel these days.


He drafted a really special message about how he wants his daughter to get to know the real special people in his life and asked them to plan something big for the next friendships day, hoping that we'd all be out of this pandemic by then.


His message was so so sweet, straight from the heart that it pulled all the emotional strings in my heart!

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Though these two instances touched me specially, there were so many others who designed cards for their friends, added photographs to their cookie box gifts, wrote poetry and much more.


Though I have also not met friends for the past one year or so, this friendships day, listening to all these stories, I somehow felt I have made new friends through Dohful who feel free to share all this with me.


Again, call me crazy, but hey, why not?

P.S. : If you're just here for the oh-so-amazing cookies…well, I can't complain, can I? 😊


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till next time,