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Longer Tables

& Wider Circles


I've been thinking a lot about the idea of “Longer Tables & Wider Circles” as we lean in to the Everly Agency Website Launch on 8/8.


Every new offering, teammate, and business decision has been chosen to build longer tables rather than higher fences. Everybody eats, everybody grows. Here's a look at what's ahead!









Everly Agency Website Launch

Yes Yes, after launching dozens of sites for our clients, we're finally firing up our very own rocketship. We'll let you know when she's flying high in the sky.

champagne (always) recommended

Always an Adventure
Here's what else we've been getting into…

everly agency
We exist to create beautiful things in the world and support others in their passionate pursuits.


Thanks for being on this journey with us. More to come very soon and you'll be the first to know when the website goes live next Sunday, 8/8!


Beyond business, I believe the best way to counteract the division we're experiencing in the world is to hold steady to what is rooted in love and continue planting seeds for the garden we want to walk through.

I look forward to expanding the circle and extending the garden table with you.


to our creative liberation


- Lyric


Branding + Content + Design + Marketing
+ Messaging + Social + Strategy + Web