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Now that we've gotten over that mid year hump we've had plenty of time to re-assess our 2021 goals and how we want to end this year off.


Lots of people (myself included) find themselves taking stock of their passions and who they want to become around this time of year. And it makes sense.


August is often the time when we pick up on projects that spring and summer somehow interrupted. Maybe you lost your mojo or just did not have the time you did when the weather was cooler. I think I had a combination of the two, mixed with a tiny bit of lost energy — two kids is already wearing me out haha.


There's an old blog post about recharging your batteries here if you want a little inspiration. That post is in need of a refresh but it still has great quotes to pull some motivation from. When I have energy but, feel less than pumped to do something I know I usually love, I go back to these. What quotes do that for you?




What are you restarting this month?

How are you planning to stick to it?

What have you put in place to stay on track? 



One thing I knew I wanted to do this year was finish my 2020 family photo album before the new baby arrives. I know I'll be in a haze during that time but also, the year 2021 is almost over. It's got to get done now or it'll end up being another album I just never finished.


I'll be sharing some of this album very soon on the blog so keep an eye out for that. I know I will have it somewhat updated, but will I completely finish it..? Stay tuned. 😬


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The shop is now OPEN again. Phew! That took forever, and was even harder than I thought it could be. But the launch went over smoothly and it's been so fun to hear what you guys think. I have expanded products a little bit and you seem to be loving the new stuff. Very excited for what is to come with this next step. 


Mahalo again for your understanding, and patience!



One of the main reasons I wanted to switch over to Shopify was to combine the blog and the shop in one place. It's already been so worth all the work to see them sharing a home now. I think there are little things I still want to try aesthetically to beef up the site a bit, but check it out. Let me know what you think of the new look! 


Talk soon, 


P.S. Quite a few people subscribed to this newsletter while my website (and email) was moving over, so you didn't get a welcome email. To you each, I welcome you now! You can read about me here or check out past newsletters and freebies here.  


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