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Raise Your Vibration


Energy is the fuel of life. It’s what keeps us moving, thinking, and feeling, and is our very source of existence. Most people have heard about “Energy Healers” and “Energetic Vibration” but what does that really mean and why is it important?  We all vibrate at certain frequencies as does every thing around us and when those frequencies are lower than 62 MHz, we become sick.  Energy Healers can help you stay in a healthy and higher vibration allowing you to avoid becoming emotionally or physically ill.


In the early 90s, Bruce Tainio, a student and researcher of quantum physics, invented a device known as the BT2 Frequency Monitoring System, the machine was designed to measure the bio-electric frequencies of essential oils to determine their impact on the body. In addition, Tainio monitored the vibrations of the human body. He discovered that each part of the body vibrates at a different frequency. 


Here’s some of his data:

Human body: 72-90 MHz

Brain: 72-90 MHz

Neck and above: 72-78 MHz

Neck and below: 60-68 MHz

Thyroid glands: 62-68 MHz

Thymus gland: 65-68 MHz

Heart: 67-70 MHz

Lungs: 58-65 MHz

Liver: 55-60 MHz


Keeping these averages of a healthy body in mind, look at the recorded rates for illness and disease:

Disease: starts at 58 MHz

Colds/Flu: starts at 57-60 MHz

Epstein Barr: starts at 55 MHz

Cancer: starts at 42 MHz

Death: starts at 25 MHz


Fortunately, there are many simple ways to ramp up your vibration and raise the frequency of disease to a healthy one.


Eat Fresh Foods

Just as our body parts emit specific frequencies, foods hold different frequencies, too. It’s common sense that organic, fresh foods are healthier than canned or processed foods, but do you know why? Check out the data:

Fresh food and herbs: 20-27 Hz

Dried food and herbs: 15-22 Hz

Processed or canned food: 0 Hz


Take a moment to wrap your mind around these figures. Processed food offers zero energetic benefit. Sure, it may keep you alive, but it sure isn’t doing your vibration any favors. The higher the frequency of your food, the lesser your chances of getting sick (or worse…feeding already-existing conditions).


Use Essential Oils

The aforementioned inventor Bruce Tainio sought out to measure the positive effects that these carefully extracted aromatic plant compounds have on the body when ingested, inhaled, or applied to the skin. Essential Oils that are a therapeutic grade vibrate at sensationally high levels:

Rose: 320 MHz

Frankincense: 147 MHz

Lavender: 118 MHz

Juniper: 98 MHz

Sandalwood: 96 MHz

Peppermint: 78 MHz


Some oil blends that are named after their intended purpose (such as “Forgive,” “Balance,” “Peace” and “Hope”) operate at a very high frequency as well, suggesting that these states of being are high vibe in and of themselves. It should be noted that all high-quality essential oils vibrate at a rate between 52-320 MHz, so no matter which ones you choose to use, you’re sure to give your body a boost of energy that far exceeds what even fresh foods can offer.


Keep it Positive

Each thought holds its own vibration, and some can contribute to depression, sickness, and even chronic diseases. Have you ever wondered why you seem to experience more chaos when you’re already frazzled? Why won’t your car start when you’re stressed? Some of these happenings are related to what your mind and body are “putting out there” on an energetic level. Happy-go-lucky people are usually able to remain in that high vibe, attracting even more joy and happiness because they were there to begin with. Basically, staying positive helps you bring even more positivity into your life.


By becoming more aware of our thoughts and nurturing the positive ones, we form a strong connection to the higher vibrations; little by little replacing old, low-vibe ways of being and thinking with a new energy signature.  Using positive affirmations can keep you in a high vibe state of mind.


Be Around Positive People

Being around people who bring us joy, inspiration, and support through their sunny outlooks can help us become happier and healthier. Think of it this way – who and what we keep around us has a huge impact on our energy.  Keeping negative company, unhealthy foods, and low vibe music and TV around us shifts our vibration to match the lower ones. It adjusts it so that, over time, our entire energy signature starts to match that low vibe state.


Filling our atmospheres with positive friends and family, fresh foods, and uplifting music and media profoundly inspires our inherent vibration to rise to match the high vibrations of the things and people around us. Although it’s not possible to avoid or shield ourselves from unhealthy vibrations altogether, we can choose to acknowledge the negative effects that they have on us; and try to limit our exposure to them.


Everything comes down to energy and the energetic frequency of the body. Once we become aware of this, we cannot see the world (or ourselves) in the same way again. We are responsible for our health which means we need to take responsibility for our vibration – monitoring our thoughts, actions, the food we eat, and the people we meet.


May you always be and live-in high vibration!






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