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Can you believe it's September? While I'm still holding on to summer I have to admit, I do love the Fall Season!! Crisp, cool days, fall fashion and football! Speaking of football, er, um soccer, have you watched Ted Lasso? OH MY GOSH it's my favorite TV show! It's funny, it's heartwarming, a woman is in charge of the team! Jason Sudeikis! London! I mean come on!! PLUS, The Morning Show season two is about to start, and I cannot wait!  

So tell me, what are you watching right now? Let me know! Nothing scary or gory though!! I'll have nightmares!

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(Special to follow, so keep reading til the very end!!)

This innovative treatment goes by many names, including photobiomodulation or low level light therapy. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Back in the 1990s, scientists used RLT (Red Light Therapy) to help grow plants in space. Pretty cool, huh? They discovered intense, red light emitting diodes helped promote growth and photosynthesis of the plants. 


So what does this mean for us? Well, it's believed RLT strengthens the mitochondria, the cell's power station, if you will. Mitochondria produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is the energy for our cells. With more energy, our cells can function better and rejuvenate and repair damage. That means it can trigger collagen and elastin production, therefore reducing wrinkles. It can promote healing and calm inflammation too! What's more, it's noninvasive. It is NOT UV and it differs from lasers and IPL, which cause controlled damage to the skin to trigger healing. LED lights on the other hand, emit different colors and work at different wavelengths. Each wavelength penetrates the skin at specific depths to provide unique benefits (see the photo above). For instance, near infrared (far right) is not visible and penetrates at a deeper level to improve blood circulation and help with muscle and connective tissue pain. Red (next to infrared), which I have, works to stimulate collagen. Blue (second from left) works to kill acne-causing bacteria. There are a few others, but IR, Red and Blue are the most common and most studied. 


RLT can also be combined with other treatments: a facial, dermaplaning, add a peel, or as a standalone treatment. Or you can add the standalone after your lashes or sugar. What's amazing about this is you spend just five minutes under the light, reducing your total treatment time!! Other, older lights have fewer LEDs which means 20-25 minutes under the light. At Grace and Clay, LED as a standalone treatment takes up to 30 minutes, as we need to cleanse and prepare the skin first. Added to a facial, just an extra five minutes!! 


Results are immediate and cumulative You'll notice a glow right away, but it's best to get two treatments a week for at least a month, followed by monthly maintenance. There is no down-time!! Protective goggles are worn during the treatment. This is a perfect, time-saving way to take care of your skin and prepare for (gasp!) winter. 


There are very few contraindications and some medical conditions may require a doctor's note. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have! Feel free to schedule a consultation too!

Fall Season is Peel Season!

FALL is the time to renew your skin! Institut Esthederm just launched a series of new peels to treat wrinkles, loss of radiance and/or oily skin. BONUS is there is NO DOWNTIME! So if you are unsure of peels, don't want something invasive, this is for you!! This NEW treatment can be customized to treat several conditions at once and includes the Oxygen Burst add-on, which further detoxifies the skin. Peels work to remove the top layer of dead skin to reveal the new skin underneath. Plus, you can add the LED treatment to help calm your skin further and stimulate your collagen and elastin!!

*This shipment has not yet arrived but I had to tell you about it!!


Naked Up North!


I'm thrilled to offer 

Naked Up North Candles at Grace+Clay! Candles are a great escape for me, scents just create a mood or take me back in time to a happy memory! How about you?  The scent lasts long after you blow them out too. Excellent quality, cute names and a woman-owned, local business!!

They make great gifts too!

BOGO on Summer & Mindfulness CollectionS!!



I so want you to try the RLT LED that I'm offering these SEPTEMBER SPECIALS!




Book a Classic Facial or a Signature Facial or any Dermaplaning and receive:

1. ONE FREE LED add-on AND

2. Get a second standalone LED treatment for $25. That's a little more than half off. 

Both must be booked in September. No exceptions.


Book a 60 minute Lash Fill and 

1. Add a standalone LED treatment for $30. That is a savings of $25. 

2. Get a second standalone LED treatment for $25. That's a little more than half off. 

Both must be booked in September. No exceptions.


*Regular priced Standalone LED TREATMENT is $55 and includes cleansing, deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, LED, customized serum and cream.



THE FINE PRINT: Offer cannot be combined with any other promotion, cannot be used with bonus bucks or a complimentary gift certificate. 

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