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Happy Homeschool Prep Month


Hey, First name / friend!  


Confession time:  I have been so hard at work on BIG projects (Gathering Placemats and the Bridge Cycle One) this summer, I opened my 2021-2022 planner and it was almost completely blank inside! And school starts NEXT week!

So I sat down yesterday afternoon and started to remedy that.  I figured I might not be alone in this last minute planning and prep.  So I thought I would show you my process.  Maybe it is will encourage you, friend! 

Here's how I fill out my planner for the coming year.

1. This is our Bridge Cycle One schedule. I use that book on the right hand side of the picture as a guide to make sure I am on the right week! Ha! With 4 kids running around, asking me, "Mama, look at this!” the entire time I am working, I sometimes get off track.

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2. Next up is my planner.  It is sitting right next to my schedule. I use A Simple Plan for the homeschooling family from Mardel.  {It's on CLEARANCE right now!}  I start by blocking off our Classical Conversations community day. Then I write the week of our term at the top. Notice it is not the same as our CC week. Then I just plug and play with the items on our schedule.


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3. The next picture is the facing page of my planner. That yellow washi tape is my visual cue to let me know Friday is my cleaning day for this week. That way as I look at that week's readings, I can know where to put the bulk of independent work for the kids to do while I clean.


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As you can see, I have a lot more work to put into my planner today!


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Friend, this week the Visual Arts Bundle from Harbor and Sprout was released!  I got it in my inbox and I have been slowly working through it to see what we want to add to our homeschool plans.  These gorgeous resources can supplement any homeschool curricula.  Each month's bundle comes with a schedule you can follow - and add to your planner using the same procedure I showed you above - easy peasy planning and prep done with beauty!  


I absolutely love hearing back from you with details of your homeschool, questions, or general encouragement.  Drop me a line and let me know how I can bless you!  Or, join a like-minded group of homeschooling mams in my Facebook group Simple Homeschooling Blessings.  Oh, and there is a SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE for the Gathering Placemats just for members!  We would love to have you there!  There is a questionnaire I think it is 2-3 questions to fill out to join the group.  Kindly fill that out and you will be automatically added to the Facebook group.  Otherwise your admission will be delayed.  


Blessings to you, friend!


Leah Hudson



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