Creativity is Freedom. Release yourself with Carnelian.






The purpose of Carnelian on this planet is to facilitate the transmission of the creation vibration from Source energy. If humans are able to tap into the creative vibration they will not only be able to create art, but also divine unique solutions to problems in their reality. 


However, in order to ground this energy and allow projects to progress from ideas into completion, Carnelian must prime the body and mind. The stone shakes up and dispels disharmony, negativity and disease from the cells of the body. When breaking up this energy it is both transmuted by the physical as well as absorbed by the stones (this is again why we cleanse crystals we are working with heavily). Once the density of those blockages have been weakened it allows for the mental function and clarity to see a creative transmission from a higher vantage point and allow you to ground it in your reality.




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