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1️⃣ First off, I need your help. (Woah, she's asking for help at the top of an update email?) Yes, yes I am.


I don't like pitch competitions and posted this tweet on 8/12/21 about an event I'd like to throw instead. It received a huge amount of interest; a startup event that focuses on learning and capital commitments clearly resonates with many founders and investors alike. Here's the gist: a poster session-style event where each founder gets their own space and can bring demos, presentations, whatever they want. Accredited investors mingle, learn, and commit to investing a minimum of $1K to at least one founder while at the event. 


Here's my ask: please take 2 minutes to complete this survey. I'm planning in public and could really use your input!


2️⃣ Moving on. I am SO EXCITED to announce that we have teamed up wiseHer and are launching the founderUP™ initiative through the wiseHer Foundation, a non-profit project of the Giving Back Fund. Access to crucial business education, tools, and coaching shouldn't be restricted to those who get VC funding or are accepted by accelerators. Sponsors who make a tax-deductible donation to founderUP provide memberships to both wiseHer and Scroobious at no cost to underrepresented founders so they can get the tangible support, tools, opportunity, and community they need to progress their businesses. Benefits to sponsors include directly addressing DEI initiatives, content marketing opportunities, email and social promotion, and corporate social responsibility options.

Interested sponsors can reply to this email or fill in the contact form on the website. Interested founders can apply for a scholarship here.


3️⃣ Third biggie. We partnered with the Northeastern University School of Law's Community Business Clinic to create a free guide to business entity formation for our Scroobious founder community and to share it with the ecosystem at large. This guide is easy to read and covers all the different corporate structure options, pros and cons to each, tax stipulations, examples, and more. I highly recommend founders read this, especially if you haven't incorporated yet. I wish I'd had this years ago!


Download the guide for free here.

Read on for more updates, events, and don't miss our featured founder at the end!


Thank you for reading this. Thank you for helping us. I appreciate you.

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Allison Byers, Founder & CEO



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This month’s featured founder is Salma El Yassir, Co-Founder & CEO of Womaneze. Salma is a femtech pioneer working to normalize menopause. There are 1 billion women experiencing menopause today, yet it remains a taboo subject. Many of these women are at the top of their careers, tech-savvy, and make 80% of household purchasing decisions. They spend upwards of $2,000 annually to alleviate the symptoms associated with menopause. Talk about an underserved demographic looking for solutions to a real problem!


“When my co-founder and I went through menopause ourselves, we found very little information and support available. We are both educated and well-read women, but we were still blind-sided by menopause and did not know much about it until we found ourselves in the thick of it, while still holding down senior positions and managing families. Our experience is by no means unique, and yet, the subject remains under the radar and is hardly spoken about. After hundreds of conversations about how women are affected by the physical, psychological and social changes that women go through in menopause, we decided to create Womaneze to support other women. It simply never occurred to us that founding a startup was unusual at age sixty, so we just did it, and we are both loving it."


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