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Fall is definitely my favorite time of year! I love the cooler temps and sunny skies! With fall comes THE GREAT DEBATE!  First name / friend, are you Team Apple or Team Pumpkin? Well, I probably decorate with pumpkins (and black cats! 🐈‍⬛) but apples are my go-to for pie! And can you say cider donuts? Yum!
Well there is no debating that fall season is PEEL SEASON! And I have a brand new skincare treatment to reveal your glowing skin as we prepare it for winter. And, it may have you loving apples even more ;)
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Brand new to Grace+Clay: a rejuvenating, skin reparative, ultra-personalized peeling treatment meeting all specific needs: blemishes, wrinkles, radiance, dark spots. What's great about this is we can pick and choose which peel is best! This treatment includes a choice or combination of no-downtime peels: glycolic, salicylic or, here's where the apples come in, malic acid. Each peel is very gentle, there is no downtime, you do not have to stay inside for a week! Your skin will not peel off in sheets and you will not need to wear a hat! Who remembers that episode of Sex and the City? 
  • This facial begins with our patented four-step cleansing protocol
  • NEW: customized peel session (professional-only products)
    • Youth: glycolic and panthenol | glycolic acid promotes desquamation & stimulates cell renewal | stimulates collagen synthesis for younger looking skin |  panthenol moisturizes, soothes and protects your skin barrier
    • Blemish: Citric Acid (AHA) and Salicylic (BHA) and panthenol | purifying and refining | salicylic reduces blemishes | panthenol moisturizes, soothes and protects your skin barrier *salicylic is contraindicated if you are allergic to aspirin
    • Radiance: malic acid and panthenol | Malic acid is an AHA derived from apples | gentle exfoliation, brightening | larger molecules make this a good choice for sensitive skin | panthenol moisturizes, soothes and protects your skin barrier
  • NEW: scalp massage
  • Detoxify and oxygenate
  • NEW peptide peel-off mask
    • step 1: NEW ACTIVE BOOSTER (Esthetician's choice)
      • includes Hyaluronic eye booster
    • step 2: NEW Peptide mask: tetrapeptides and GAGs boost hydration for visibly firmed and redensified skin.
    • step 3: activating lotion aids in mask peel-off removal
  • Neck and shoulder massage (while mask is on)
  • Hand and arm massage (while mask is on)
  • Customized finishing cream
  • SPF



-The skin is smooth and hydrated 

-Immediate “new skin” effect 

-Radiant complexion

-New massage techniques provide a deep body &

mind relaxation


REMINDER: Add RED LIGHT LED to this treatment, or any treatment!  
“My terrible break out looks 10 times better today after the red light facial session! Thank you Grace+Clay for saving my skin!”
—Breanna P       
Book this treatment in October and add LED. Mention this VIP PERK to get the LED session for free! That's a $25 savings!
*Facial and LED must be in same session.
*Limited to availability. Text 716-864-6487 to book.
*Regular pricing:
Facial $120 w/LED $145

GO BILLS !!  🏈

Look forward to seeing you!  


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