Thank you so much!

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Hi First name / friend


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for joining me as I begin this adventure. It means a lot to have your support.


The Survey

The feedback I received, both on the survey and in emails and posts on Instagram, was overwhelmingly positive. 


It'll take me some time to sift through everything that was shared with me and figure out how that will impact my decisions going forward. 


Current Status

There’s never been any real doubt in my mind about whether or not I was going to publish at least one issue (and hopefully many more…). I have been diving deep in to resources for independent magazine publishers and have made pages of notes learning about stuff I didn't know I didn't know. Needless to say, I'm having a significant amount of fun, which probably sounds strange to some of you, but I love learning new things!


I have a long way to go before a first edition would hit the streets (either physically or digitally), but I'm working on putting these bits and pieces together to form the big picture.


The Name

I’ve had a name in mind for this magazine for quite awhile. It feels kind of scary to make it public, though, so bear with me while I keep that a secret for just a little longer.


You'll be the first to know, though, as a member of this email newsletter.


What comes next?


In case it isn’t clear, this is a one-woman show at the moment. Well, one woman and two cats and as coworkers go, they are incredibly useless. 


This project won’t ever be perfect, not least because I don’t believe in striving for perfection. It will be the best I can make it, though. I am working on being very intentional and building a sustainable business. 


Email subscribers will be the first to hear anything, including information about advertising, submissions, and magazine subscriptions. 


A Million Times, Thank You


Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic is one of my favorite books and I try to keep her wisdom in mind as I work. I'll be honest: putting this out in to the world has been a little terrifying. But I keep thinking about what EG said about fear: it's boring. It can come along on the adventure and (try) to keep me safe, but it doesn't get to make decisions.


I've also been thinking about originality and making sure that whatever this turns out to be is not just a copy of other people's work. I went looking for a specific phrase I have apparently misremembered and found this instead:



-Elizabeth Gilbert


(The quote is the start of a longer blog post she wrote about authenticity, which you can read here.)


I promise that no matter what, I will continue to work on this project fearlessly and authentically. I am so grateful that you have signed up to learn more about it as it proceeds. 


If you ever have any ideas, comments, or questions, please send me an email!


You are Magic,