Vol. I

Cultivating a New 
Wave of Women


The Feminine is rising. 

We are in the midst of a shift on the planet. And with this change, we face so many unknowns ahead - looking forward we cannot predict with certainty the outcomes of the things we face. We might ask ourselves how we are to navigate this space, how we are to remain open when there is so much we don’t know. 


In order to sustain this shift, we must create a tool kit for ourselves filled with knowledge, sacred rituals, and daily practices gathered with awareness and intention. 


Everything I create in my work is with the aim of encouraging women to interact with the complexities of *their* divine feminine. Everyone is different and in order to honour and discover that uniqueness within you, we must search ourselves.


It is imperative that we care for ourselves and ultimately seek to understand our inner mystery. Turn your gaze inward and tune into yourself. 


Women are mystery by design. Each one of us is a unique mystery within ourselves. Disempowerment comes when a woman becomes a mystery to herself. But on the flipside, nothing is a mystery to a woman who knows who she is. We must seek to understand that and dare to delve into our 

inner mystery. Because upgrading the collective begins individually; it starts within and as *you* transform, the world around you begins to change and you inspire the collective to change as well. This is at the core of my vision within The Ritual; the exploration begins individually and then creates a ripple effect to influence and awaken those around us too. 


There is no one representation of the feminine and The Mystery School is designed to guide you as you explore and define the unique feminine within you. The lessons I share each month in The Mystery School are each part of one another, each a different piece of the puzzle -- the puzzle that is you. Within each lecture, there are sacred teachings and practical tools meant to encourage you to become the Master of your own life. As you build your inner experience by exploring each of the teachings and integrating each piece, you begin to recognize your reality shifting: 


Your life becomes filled with synchronicities where the Divine speaks to you and in turn you begin to reaffirm your life assignment here on Earth. 


I say this a lot: 
knowledge is power.


When you know more, 
you can do better. 

The Mystery School is an educational platform in which I pass on lessons that have awakened me and gotten me to where I am. You take the teachings that resonate with you. You practice free 
will in honouring where you are and choosing the teachings that support you.


By committing to yourself daily, you are taking full accountability for the energy you bring into the world. And in doing so, you cultivate the sovereignty and self-respect to live a life you are proud of and to hold the reverence for your Divine self. 


In The Mystery School, there are no secrets. 
I want to see you RISE! I want to see every woman RISE! Because we are stronger when we come together. It is time to see another woman’s wins as your wins and yours as theirs. We can’t find strength in the

community of women when we are trying to bring one another down… We must cultivate a new wave of woman! 


When so much of our lives are focused outward, The Mystery School is the beginning of your journey inward. With knowledge, with awareness, with daily practice and commitment to oneself, self-confidence grows and thus, dissolves doubt, expansion awakens and thus, welcomes creativity and life responds to our new reality: the one we have created for ourselves.  


Go deeper in the 
world of expansion.


As women, we must go deeper; 

in the world of expansion, education, self-practice and self-awareness. We must become masters of the gifts we have all been given and show up for ourselves every single day, deepening our awareness, and shining light on our hopes, desires, dreams, visions and goals. 


May the stardust that resides in every cell of our bodies make us the brightest, shining stars, be creative, learn more, go deeper, practice and show up every single day for 


ourselves. Because the way we show up 
for something is the way we show up for everything and it is time to take responsibility for ourselves and for our lives.


May you be seen, 

heard, valued & respected. 

- Brooke

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The Ritual's Mystery School

is an online educational platform for women to connect to their inner power and release conditionings and outdated beliefs. I invite you into this journey of self-exploration, to connect to your inner mystery, to revel in your uniqueness, and to discover your personal power. With a rich tapestry of modalities from which I share, it is my commitment to guide each woman back to their inner throne of Sacred and Self Sovereignty. Through self practice, ritual, and intention setting, our online Mystery School allows you to discover the Sacred within you & gifts you the tools to craft 

the life you desire. 


The Ritual 
Behind the Veil:


Behind the Veil is a series of insights from Women 

we want to know more about… This month meet Brooke Skinner, founder of The Ritual.

I’m listening to… 

A playlist I created on Spotify called PRODUCTION. It’s basically the nest of all French house and electronic music, because France is where I mean to be right now, so I take myself there with music.


I’m reading… 

Lately I keep falling asleep when trying to read after about 1 page of anything, no joke! So instead, I am listening to an audiobook called: The Code of the Extraordinary Mind. I have read it several times and always come back to it when life gets quote hectic. It helps me refocus and prioritise my thoughts.


Things I am desiring/manifesting… 

For my Net-a-Porter partnership to be well received and for our move to France to manifest within the next 12 months.


Ritual currently supporting me… 

The Protector - need I say more… I feel there is always some toxicity or negativity from others that needs to be removed from our energetic body so I have been doing this one every month on the Dark Moon.


Instagram Account I’m ogling… @houseinhabit and all those #freebritney updates. Sadly I can relate in so many ways to what is being revealed. If you are not already following then go and follow - it’s mind blowing what these people are getting away with and how corrupt it all is.



Current Venus Day Indulgence… 

Fridays I have no children to care for during the day, so I start my day by waking before everyone else and taking time to sit with a candlelight burning, no specific meditation just sitting and glaring at the flame visualising what I desire. Once I return from school run, this is the one day I take to dry body brush, put oil all over my body (one that I have made) and then I jump in a nice hot shower. I let the hot water cascade over my crown so it runs down my face and visualise all my worries, stresses being washed away by the water. I also take this time to place my hands on my heart and check in with my body, what does it need? How do I feel? It sounds so simple to have your hands on your heart and allow water to pour over your crown but it is the biggest stress release for me right now. I will then massage a little more oil over my body and tell myself words of self love and body acceptance. The rest of my day will consist of mostly work but I will always have a shorter day of Fridays and as a family its our takeout night so we get takeaway and wine from our favourite restaurants. Due to covid, most fine dining restaurants do takeaway so its a winwin. My kids are pretty gourmet so there is never any complaints with the food. My favourite meal at present is Cacio e Pepe and a Sicilian White wine.


Fun Fact…

I wear perfume to bed. Yes that's right I wear one spray of fragrance to bed each night so that I wake feeling super luxurious and it really helps me get my day off to a good start. It can be pretty demotivating to get out of bed in the morning with kids constantly waking through the night - Every little bit of deliciousness helps.

Upcoming this Month
at The Ritual:


Full Moon Workshop

Sunday, 22 August 

New Moon Ritual
Tuesday, 7 September

Mystery School 

Elemental Magick, 1st September

Current Workshops on repeat on The Mystery School:

Reclaiming the Womb Workshop and Womb Healing Practice.

She discovered who she was and she was free!”  -Brooke

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