Good Evening People!


Thank you so much for letting us know your real names after the last email. We actually got so many name change requests that we haven't been able to change them all yet. But we are on to the task, and it will be done. Soon-ish. 


Anyway, our last PSA went super duper well, with you guys replying back to our emails and ordering cookies for your siblings. So here is another one for you - Sharing all the questions we've received so far about the Rakhi gift box and their answers! 


We only have One Rakhi Special Gift Box, its a 10 cookie box with 4 Nutella Lava, 3 Choco Brownie and 3 Choco Chunk Cookies. In short, this is unquestionably the best Rakhi gift ever. Plus it comes with a Rakhi (or without) and a personalised message from YOU. So, special to the power infinity. 


Just putting it out there because many people were having doubts regarding what exactly the Rakhi box has. 


Image item

Then there were more questions like where all do we deliver, whats the shelf life of the cookies and how fast it would be delivered


But I think you already know the answers to that, the cookies are shipped all across India, have a natural shelf life of 30 days and delivery timeline depends mostly on the location but for most metros the cookies reach within 2-3 days after dispatch


A few people also asked me yesterday that if they ordered then, would we be able to deliver the cookies in time. And my answer to that was…Hell Yeah! 


Its still a week to Rakhi guys so go ahead and place that order, we'll deliver it on time. 

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One more frequently asked question is how to add a message in the box? For that, you have to visit our website, go to the product page of the cookie box you want to send and hit ADD TO CART


Then you'll see a blue color cart in which there is a Special Instructions for Seller text-box. Please add your message there, and we'll add it to the box. 


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And that's it. PSA over. I think we have tooted our own horn enough, now all that's left to do is for you to order the Rakhi Special Gift Box for your sibling. 


We will take care of the rest and make sure you become the favorite brother or the sister of the year. 


*Before I wrap this up, just want to request you guys to please place the orders for Rakhi gift box as early as possible, because this will help us plan our baking and make sure we send our absolute best to your sibling.  


P.S.: And Oh, I almost forgot, Happy Independence Day! May we all take India to new heights together!! 

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till next time..