Volume 6 | Issue 11 | November 2021
Using AI To Police Against eCommerce Counterfeiters 
Dear Clients and Friends,
October was an exhilarating month.   
In our attempt to stay on top of our legal technology, Marie Dutton and Amber VandenHout attended the Clio Connect Conference focused on best practices to virtually manage cases for our US and international clients.  We are consistently working on creating the best possible client experience by best using legal management technology.   We plan to put some improvements in place. Stay tuned!
Steve Weigler traveled to London to reconnect with his international legal, financial, and accountancy network, IR Global.  Steve has pledged to spend more time in 2022 developing his international law practice, and the collegial networking has been phenomenal. He then traveled to Atlanta to attend the Crisp Game Changers Summit, where he finalized EmergeCounsel's upcoming videos and learned from inspiring management coaches. 
On top of that, the firm resolved two relatively contentious intellectual property disputes that were brewing. 
This month’s blog is titled: Using AI To Police Against eCommerce Counterfeiters.  We have found powerful AI tools out there, and policing e-commerce infringement without them is not particularly effective.
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