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hey love. 


How's it going?


I wanted to chat with you a little about taking a step back. Allowing your mind to breathe before big stuff comes rolling in is a necessity that also happens to be pretty cathartic.


September is kind of an unofficial milestone on the calendar year. Summer is truly ending, school has struck back up, fall activities and year-end plans are being drummed up. You've got to give yourself some space to prepare, or it can overwhelm you.


As this year begins to come to a close, here's how I am giving myself the space to prep:


  • Schedule - I am automating and pre-scheduling as much as I possibly can lately. I tend to lose my energy when the weather changes. So, while it's still warm out and I've got my momentum, I am automating all the things. I also cleaned up all of the digital spaces just to help me to stay on track.
  • Plan - Of course, in order to pre-do, I had to pre-plan. If I can get things ready for future-me, things will move that much more smoothly as we transition into fall. Know yourself and where you want to be, and get started organizing your tasks accordingly.
  • Rest - I'm one of those people who needs an excuse to just do nothing, so I have given myself permission to rest. I've got a baby due literally any day now, so right this minute I am sitting, feet up, and enjoying the smell of the fresh baked cookies that are cooling on my counter. That's it. And I will do absolutely nothing else if I can help it — maybe I'll catch up on some blogs, but thats it!
  • Journal - Of course I had to include journaling just to clear the mind. But more on that in my next blog post. 


This is your subtle reminder to give yourself a break, however that looks for Y-O-U. I'd love to hear what you do to prep for transition. 






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