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Happy Friday!


I can't remember the precise moment in time when I became a reader…like, actually proclaiming with confidence, “I am a reader!” 


What I do know is that, when we were kids, my parents insisted that my brothers and I each read at least 30 minutes before bed--every single day. I didn't always like that hard and fast rule…until suddenly I did. 


I have a really strong memory of going to the library with my mom so she could check out Curtain, Poirot's last case. She was so sad about it being the final book featuring the star detective. I liked reading by that point, but I didn't love a series that much. 


My mom's passion for Agatha Christie (we had cats named Tommy and Tuppence) got me curious. Not long after that I started reading the Grande Dame of Mystery's books. I fell hard and read so many of her books. My favorite became Cat Among the Pigeons. I was such a fan that I eventually named Ivy Culpepper's sweet pug Agatha.


I played soccer in high school. I have another memory of sitting against a fence before practice reading Clan of the Cave Bear. My English teacher saw me reading and made an off-handed comment about how he wished he could read that book again for the first time. It was SO good. I totally got his sentiment.


One of my most memorable college teachers when I was getting my teaching credential once said something really similar. We had to go around the class and tell what book we were currently reading. I was halfway through Alex Haley's “Roots". She swooned and said, “What I wouldn't give to read that again for the first time.” 


Again, I agreed 100%. 


Is there a book you'd love to experience again for the very first time? Reply back. I really want to know!




Happy Reading!


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Fun Facts About Reading

I read an article last week about the benefits of reading. Did you know:


* Reading for just 6 minutes can reduce your stress level by 68%. I have no idea how that's calculated, but I'll take it.


* Reading also helps reduce or slow mental decline.


* Reading also helps you sleep better.


* And it helps us redefine and understand ourselves better.  


Not that we needed permission to love reading, but now we have it!

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