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VIrgo   season


Virgo Calling


Ruled by the communicative and cerebral planet Mercury, Virgo energy can ignite us with intelligence, detail-oriented mindset and organizational motivations that we may need. As an Earth sign, Virgo's desire structure but still demand flexibility, which can be either an asset or a serious challenge.


Want to tap into those classic Virgo tendencies? Now that we are in Virgo season, we all tend to fall into Virgo energy, so these affirmations can help you manifest!


“I Create My Own Opportunities With Ease”

“I Find Power Through Routine”

“My Insights Are Assets To Myself & Others”

Channel Virgo's Energy 

with Gemstones



The drive and intensity of  Virgo energy is wonderful to keep projects moving or bring something to fruition. However, it can feel a little intense. If the structure of life is getting to you call on Fluorite to bring the calm, cooling energy. This stone brings you into the present infusing joy and playfulness back into that routine.   



Should this season get too intense and you need to balance out, Amethyst is your aid. It's a natural tranquilizer, it relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings and anxiety. We all might feel the need to keep ourselves busy, so Amethyst will keep us in check. 



 Virgo Vibrations




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