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August 2021
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ZC Rockstars!

This month, our newsletter is chock-full of vital information to support your continued health journey. First, I encourage you to take a few minutes to tour the website. As you know, the cornerstone of your care here is education. When you're a more intelligent, informed consumer who thinks critically, you tend to make different decisions related to your body and health. America is a sick nation. Eighty-eight percent of Americans are metabolically unhealthy, at risk for chronic disease. Now is the time to make the change.

When you choose chiropractic care at Zeigler Chiropractic, you are investing in your physical, mental and emotional well-being while also investing in health education. What is available to you:

  • Become a subscriber to our YouTube channel to listen in on your favorite recorded workshops. Make it a priority to listen to hand-picked information that can impact your healthcare and hold you accountable to do what is most right for your structure.
  • Tune in to our weekly workshops on Zoom, Tuesdays @ 5:45pm. Be a part of the community and engage in great discussion.
  • Dive into our monthly newsletters (written by me, for you!) Every month, I share pertinent information that supports your understanding of chiropractic and your care!
  • Check-out our resources tab; it includes Spinal Hygiene which provides a step-by-step guide and demonstration to many of the important spinal hygiene movements that supplement the adjustments.
  • Expecting? Growing your family? You can find a Pregnancy Resource tab to provide a holistic lens to prenatal, pregnancy and post-natal care.
  • One of our favorite pages on the website include you! I invite you to read about our ZC Patients-of-the-Month. These are folks who are making the same investment in time and energy to choose health and a proactive lifestyle.
  • Lastly, our website is a great resource for those you love and care about to get a taste of what we do in the office. Could you imagine life without chiropractic? Me neither! Most people just don't know about chiropractic... this is an easy way for you to introduce them.

And all of this is found on our website. I encourage you to use it as a tool to support the care you receive here. We work hard to provide you with the best of chiropractic care... because you matter!

We love & appreciate you!

Dr. Miaken


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