As a lot of you know, this year we have been deep within our rebrand. And stepping forward as a Multi-Hyphenate business has turned several of your curious heads, making this question ๐Ÿ‘‡ by far the most common within my DMs. So as we kick off our revamped, ultra-heightened newsletter format, I wanted to give you my take on creating a core connection through all your various modalities.
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This may be a surprise, or perhaps a relief, but how related or connected your modalities are has no effect on finding a through-line element as a Multi-Hyphenate. ie, yoga + reiki vs design + podcasting.
Whatever your specialties are, you define the connection - which becomes something I like to call, your North Star. This is your core message, theme, or pathway that brings a sense of cohesion to all that you do and provide. And it allows you to assemble the use of your various skills in a form of service that aligns with your zone of genius.
So, to find your North Star, I suggest simply grabbing a piece of paper and mapping it out. This may sound a little cringey, but just try it. If it doesn't give you the answer you're looking for, it will at least help you get closer to your through-line. 
You can do this however serves you best, but the idea is to list out all the things you do and find all the ways they are connected. Personally, I'm imagining a web diagram. A Venn diagram would probably also do the trick. Play around and try to find a single sentence, philosophy, or phrase that brings it all home - not just for you, but also your community and your ideal clients.
Then take your North Star and make it your central point in branding, messaging, marketing, and content. As long as you're connected to it, so to will your community.
Need a more thorough breakdown? Check out this podcast episode I was featured on - Building a Multi-Hyphenate Business ft Brittany Marie. I spill all the tea on how we make it work for us.
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An artist and arts-based researcher who exists somewhere on the fringes of both academic and art spaces, and definitely at the intersections of the two. Professionally, she has taught, lectured, and published in the field of Communication Studies.
Chelsea and I met back in high school, if you can believe it! And let me tell you, she is such a cool lady. She just moved to Finland to start a grant program that allows her to continue her journey in textile art - what?? This artist is living her beautiful life on her own terms, soaking up all that Scandinavian creative magic, and I am so happy to have her a part of the Blithe Mitrals community. She is def worth the follow @belseachillmeyer
Also, check out her published work, Fragmented Interpretations - an article surrounding The Yellow Wallpaper and the โ€œcomplex, rhetorical relationship between text and context, author and audience.โ€ It's brilliant - and you may or may not see one of my collages featured in her exploration. ๐Ÿ™ƒ
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