Good Evening,


First of all, I'm so sorry for being AWOL for the last two Sundays. Time just flew away from me after Rakhi when I decided to take a couple of days off to relax. So the first miss happened there. 


Then the first couple of days then turned into a couple of more days and before I knew it, my to-do-list was longer than it has ever been. Hence my absence yesterday. But worry not, I'm back with this week's Sunday Letter for you.


Before we go further, I would like to give a huge round of applause for everyone of you guys who trusted us with your Rakhi orders. Your response was much more than what I had anticipated, and thank you so much for that. 

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Writing has always been my thing


In fact, of all forms of communicating, I prefer writing the most. I have won prizes for the best creative writing back in college, and like every avid reader, I used to dream about writing a book.  


I obviously did not know how I would go about achieving it. But I used to make it a point to write something regularly. Something, for myself. 


As life had it, I joined B-School in 2012, started a food venture in 2013 and writing sort of took a back seat almost from the start. I was no longer penning down my thoughts and that drought continued in my life for almost 5 long years.

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But while we were starting Dohful, I wanted to pen down my journey as we went along with it. I wanted to make sure we remembered where we came from, and the real values we would always stick to however successful or un-successful we became. 


And that's exactly what happened. Chaman & I, together we wrote 40+ blogs (a few his, mostly mine!😎 ) and we documented everything for our future reference & reading. 

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It's been 3 years since we started Dohful and this time post Rakhi when we were relaxing at home with our feet up and Iced Coffees in our hands, we decided to look back to our writings and the stuff we had shared on the blog over the years. 


After reading almost all of them recently, I think I can say with most certainty that the most dear blog to our hearts is the one where we tell you our cookie secrets. How we make these cookies, whats so special about them, everything! The next one we loved reading again was what are craft cookies.


For the uninitiated, Dohful is actually India's First Craft Cookie brand. And this title actually comes from the fact that we make all our cookies in small batches, using traditional techniques and best of ingredients. The blog divulges into this more so do give it a read! 

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And there are many more! Like the Delivery Stats blogs, and the one where we tell you what happens when you place an order on Dohful and so on! 


But we haven't been writing just about our story and Dohful cookies.  We also write about our food passions. Like Coffee and Baking. 


Coffee has been our ultimate passion for quite sometime now and we are crazy about it. If you haven't already, do read the Beginner's Guide to Cold Brew Coffee. This one was written by Chaman and actually solves all your cold brew queries. 


Well, at least I think it does. If you think differently, hit that reply button now, so that we can improve what we're missing out on.

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When it comes to Baking, we have done tons of recipes, and de-mystified topics like Which Oven to Buy or Difference between Frosting & Icing or even about the baking essentials that are must in any home kitchen! 


The idea behind these blogs was that even if I was a baking enthusiast even before Dohful was started, it took us so much time to actually grasp all of the baking terminology. And we realised we weren't the only ones struggling with it.


So we thought it would be of help to talk about things that we had already spent time and effort learning about.

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As you might have inferred by now, there are many many blog posts that I can talk about…but none of these compare to these Sunday (or sometimes Monday!) Letters that I write to you. 


And the main reason for that is your replies. I absolutely love reading your emails as well, so do write to me whenever you have something to share with us. 


That's all for today, thank you for reading! And if there is anything specific you think I should be sharing about in these letters, do let me know, I would love to incorporate it into our letters! 


P.S. : Hey, I know you're just here for the cookies…but that's okay! They're way more interesting than me anyways!! 


till next time,