Dear friends of LOVI,

We understand it’s been a tough couple of weeks - lockdown extensions, uncertainty as to when you’ll see your loved ones next. We stand with you in solidarity and hope you are staying safe. 


In times like this, we look to stories that offer a glimmer of hope and this week we are proud to feature Dinesh Priyantha, the first Sri Lankan to win a gold medal at the Paralympics. Watch his winning moment here: 


Hailing from Anuradhapura, Priyantha was a part of the armed forces that fought during the war, sustaining three bullet wounds in his arm that effectively ended his career. He credits his colleagues with encouraging him to take up a sport: "After the battle injury, it was the army officers who dragged me for training.”

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Priyantha would later go on to win bronze at the 2016 Summer Paralympics and silver at the 2017 World Para Athletics Championships. This year he set a new record with a 67.79m javelin throw. Humble in his achievement, he thanked his wife: 

 “She did everything. She gave me the freedom to participate in the Paralympic Games. I wish to thank her for making it possible for me to win this gold medal.”

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Priyantha's story reminds us that it often takes a village to make a hero and the community that we have around us will always be our strongest asset. As we move forward into an uncertain future let us take comfort in our neighbours, friends, and family. We'll get through this. LOVI is right there with you. 


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