Hello My Favorite Person, 


Its my birthday week!


No, it's not Dohful's birthday this week. It's mine (Arushi's).


And the best birthday gift you can give me is that you can mail me the name of your most favorite Dohful Cookie.


You see, Chaman & I have this running bet for a long time so as to which Dohful cookie is loved by you guys the most, but I think it's time we finally settle it once & for all.


So hit that reply button and let me know which of the 7 flavours is your most favorite one.

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Welcome to Dohful's Sunday Letter guys, I hope you are sitting comfortably enjoying the rest of your Sunday while you read this letter. Is it too much to ask if I hope you have a Dohful cookie in hand while reading this?


Ahh well, a girl can dream!


Anyhoo...today in this Sunday Letter, I want to talk to you about a review that we received recently on our website.

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"Utterly Delicious!!!!

Thank you so muchhh for the utterly delicious cookies. This is my first time trying the cookies (this might sound unusual but that's true). My first decision was choosing you and that's the best decision I have made. I bought the big cookie box of 10 and trust me each and every cookie is tremendously deliciousMy whole family loved it and I think I'm gonna place an order soon.. It's more than a cookie, you have put so much love and passion into it!❤️ "

- Neha B 


I loved the way she honestly writes that this was the first time she was trying cookies. Ever. It was as if our whole motive and purpose behind starting Dohful came alive in this one statement.

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TBH,  up until a few years ago, even I had never tried cookies anywhere. In fact I hadn't even thought about trying them in the various bakehouses and coffee shops I had been visiting almost all my life.


So when we went to Europe, the experience of finding the soft baked cookies there, elevated our whole trip. Discovering something so delicious, so new yet so familiar was totally unexpected. 


We couldn't help asking ourselves why had we never tried a cookie before, ever?

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We got the answer loud & clear as soon as we came back! There weren't any good cookies available anywhere.


And trust me, we looked! 


We searched far and wide and hoped to come across anything even remotely similar to what we had had back in our hotel room in Rome.


Fortunately for us, we didn't find them anywhere. So you see, Dohful was not started because we loved cookies. Don't get me wrong, we did love them. But that's not why we started Dohful.


We started Dohful because we didn't find the cookies we loved anywhere in India.

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So when I read a review that says she chose us to be her first cookie ever (and loved it!) it more than makes my day. Because that's all we really wanted to do, introduce India to real, genuine, good cookies


Nothing more, nothing less. 


Thank you so much for reading! 

Before you go, don't forget to hit the reply button and let me know which of the 7 Dohful cookies flavours is your favorite! Remember, we have to settle that bet ASAP!

P.S. If you know someone with their Birthday coming up in September, send them a pack of Dohful cookies

Trust me, it'll be their most special gift this year..I guarantee!!


till next time,