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hey there, friend!


Did you survive the week intact?  Short weeks after a long weekend are made even tougher by taking the entire week before the holiday off as we just did.


We didn't go anywhere, but we didn't work, at least not too much.  It was a very welcome break that I feel incredibly lucky we are in a place to take.  I'm realizing that placing more emphasis on re-charging instead of just ploughing through life really does give us more energy to tackle all that we face.


Also, reading this helped me to feel better about actively shutting out the news for a couple of days.  Drinking from a firehose of rage and sadness doesn't serve anybody, and taking a break helped to clear my brain a bit and give some focus. 


So there were lots of leisurely morning coffees, non-stop sports (with the craziest weekend of College Football I've ever watched), and no real obligations other than the list of to-dos I mentally made for myself and then promptly ignored.


And these…


Here are the other things that have been getting me by these days.  I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be.







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Keep taking care of yourself, okay?


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