As you know, we are HUGE fans of drinking daily smoothies AND using organic, whole food Daily Harvest Smoothies to make sure that my body is getting the plant nutrients it needs. We aim for 7-9 servings a day and a daily smoothie is going to help out big time.


For the rest of September, we have teamed up with Daily Harvest to introduce $4.65 per cup smoothies (which makes about 16-20oz/cup) - discounted from $7.99/cup!


Just buy the SMALL BOX (9 cups), use our special code CLEANSISTERS and your smoothies will only be $4.65 a cup. YES, that's it! This is easier and cheaper than buying several bags of frozen organic fruits and veggies then having to measure everything out. Pre-made organic, whole food smoothies from Daily Harvest is a GAME CHANGER!

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Here's my receipt:

We LOVE nearly everything at Daily Harvest and if you're not sure what to choose, check out our Daily Harvest Review post for our favorites!

  • Step #1: Just click this link to shop at Daily Harvest and select the small (9 cup) box.
  • Step #2: Add your favorite smoothies (or you can mix and match with any of their products) and make sure the coupon code cleansisters is in your cart.
  • Step #3: Eagerly wait for your box in the mail – then fill up your smoothie cup with nut milk, coconut water or organic water, blend and enjoy!
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Since I know you are curious about my big green smoothie recipes to break my morning fast, here they are! 

  • Daily Harvest Bowls:  These Daily Harvest Bowls are my NEW favorite Daily Harvest Menu item. This new Quinoa + Chipotle Harvest Bowl is always in my orders.
  • Daily Harvest Flatbreads: My absolute favorite are: Tomatilla + Pepper Flatbread (on a sweet potato flatbread crust) and the Kombucha + Sage Flatbread (made on a cauliflower flatbread crust).
  • Daily Harvest Forager Bowls: Try the Raspberry + Mulberry Forager Bowl. Make this forager bowl for breakfast, lunch or an evening snack.
  • Daily Harvest Overnight Oats: I absolutely love the easy process of making these delicious Daily Harvest Overnight Oats. Be sure to try the Blueberry + Lemon, Strawberry + Goji Berry and Cherry + Dark Chocolate.