These times are about intelligence, seeking knowledge of self, developing our awareness of self, to become empowered leaders in our lives. 


There are a lot of teachings from my training in Kundalini Yoga that I have disregarded and there are some that have allowed me to experience deep transformations. One of the concepts that also appears in other lineages is the importance of self-awareness. Kundalini Yoga is often considered the yoga of awareness and some meditations are still part of my Daily Practice and the teachings I share in The Mystery School. Since the Aquarian Age is about opening up to awareness of self - of ourselves in others, we can use the technology and the teachings to cultivate an inner knowing and live life with greater ease. 


In Kundalini Yoga, the human body is made up of ten bodies: the physical body, the three mental bodies and the six energy bodies. In this issue, we will navigate the three mental bodies: they are known as the Negative Mind, the Positive Mind and the Neutral Mind. As I said in last week’s volume: knowledge is power and having the awareness of these teachings in our tool kit can help us navigate life from a different, more balanced perspective.  


Knowledge of these subtle realms allows us to better understand ourselves.


The Negative Mind is the second body and our Protector. It exists to protect us, to assess the danger in a given situation to help us prepare for all eventualities. Its role is to calculate risks and measure potential pitfalls with the objective of keeping us safe.


In its highest expression, the Negative Mind drives us to connect deeply to our Divine and Sacred Self, or the GOD(Generate, Organize, Deliver) within and gives us patience to be obedient to our own guidance. The Negative Mind also instills in us a longing to belong.

The Negative Mind is powerful but often misunderstood: it is the part of the brain that reacts negatively to everything it encounters in order to preserve and protect us. An underdeveloped Negative Mind can appear as self-destructive behaviour in which you allow yourself to be influenced by others because you are not contained enough in your own Self. You may see this show up as anxiety or depression as a result of prolonged episodes of trauma or stress, which in turn can overwhelm the Positive and Neutral Minds leaving us exposed to anger and foolish decisions. It seeks attention because it is not seen or heard.


The Negative Mind is connected to the Sacral Chakra or Energy Centre. And so when the Negative Mind is balanced, allows us to bring our creative thoughts into action; we nurture a place where we can allow creative ideas to flourish. It helps us to give form to our creativity, which lies in the first body, The Soul Body. It helps you decipher what you needand nurtures the Soul to grow and thrive.


Relating to the Negative Mind in a benevolent way will allow us to navigate life gracefully.


The Negative Mind was the inspiration behind The Protector Ritual Kit. As you take one bold step toward your desires, there is often a surge of negative energies: doubts, insecurities, voices that tell you you can’t, that flood into your mind. Endings, although meant to be liberating, are oftentimes not tied up in a beautiful bow. As you increase in power, confidence, and radiance, you become more attractive to the polar force that aims to bring you down. 


The Protector Ritual Kit was crafted to help you connect to your intuition, to rid negative energy, and to bring protection. It gently guides you through a ritual and spell that removes succubus (vampire) energies, cleanses you of others’ projections toward you, all while summoning protection and invoking strength for you to move forward in grace and with ease. 

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Photograph of Grace Jones by Anthony Barboza


The Positive Mind is powerful as it is all about opportunities; it looks for things that can go right and is ready to take life on. It is the guiding light at the end of the tunnel. Its qualities are positive, equality, and trust because it sees the good in everything. It calculates what is going right and keeps the guiding light strong no matter how dark things get. But we have to be aware of its over optimism and fiery impulse, as it can neglect the important considerations necessary in making the right decision in any situation.


The Positive Mind correlates to the Naval energy centre, which is the fire and the seat of your will. A strong Positive Mind leads you to be action oriented and organized. When your Positive Mind is fit, you see all the good that comes from the Universe and everyone has access to this, which makes us all equal.  


“I am powerful, I am magnetic, I am radiant, I am abundant. Prosperity easily finds me.” 

The Positive Mind was the inspiration behind The Manifestor Ritual Kit, which is all about amplifying prosperity, abundance and all that you desire. Holding on too tightly to a given outcome, idea, or thought only causes it to run feverishly in the other direction and we are left with frustrations as we wonder why, with all of our dedication, the things we want do not stay or do not come. The same thing happens when we ignore all of the signs and lessons the universe was giving us throughout our manifestation. The Manifestor Ritual Kit reminds us that we can have anything we want and creates the space to allow everything to come to us.


I have created The Manifestor Ritual Kit to help you to amplify prosperity and abundance in all areas of your life. This specific ritual guides you to magnify your projection, allowing you to establish a stronger trust in your desires and the path toward them. It helps to cultivate that trust within toward abundance allowing us to release the lack mentality and invite the belief that you are deserving of your desires.


An underdeveloped Neutral Mind is characterized by indecisiveness because you are at the mercy of the tension between the Negative and Positive Minds, meaning you have difficulty seeing beyond the polarities of life. You are in a reactive state

 because of the disparities between the Mental Bodies. 


The Neutral Mind is otherwise known as the Yogic Mind because it strives for balance and objectivity. It observes and weighs the information gathered by the Positive and Negative Minds to make compassionate, objective decisions. It rises above the details of the world allowing you to see everything that ever happened to you, good or bad, and within seconds the answers become clear. The Neutral Mind helps us rise to the occasion and from our Intuition we create the life we desire. 


Create your reality from the passion of your life and all shall come to you in the most serendipitous of ways.

The Neutral Mind inspired the Creator Ritual Kit (it is also my personal favourite!). The key to empowerment is to experience the creative power within ourselves. When we experience this, we are connected to and part of the creative Source, we are empowered to make changes in our life and take responsibility for creating the life we wish to live.


If you feel called to create your own story, to play with the power of your creative force, I invite you to take part in a ritual ceremony I created using The Creator Ritual Kit. The kit is equipped with everything you need to help release negative self talk, self doubt, instability and stress by summoning grounding energies and deep self love. 


I have designed The Creator Ritual Kit to help invoke the Sacred Feminine to support you in becoming unstoppable, a creative force to move through life with fluidity, reverence and royalty and guide you safely through spells to connect you to your empowerment. 

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Who are you and what do you do? 

I am a storyteller, lightworker, lover, healer and on the physical plane, am the Co-Founder and Global Sales Director of Del Rainbow, a global wholesale and brand development agency that represents brands and people with intention. We are responsible for brand positioning all over the world for our brand partners. We ensure that their intention, purpose, and product is connected with the aligned audiences that will provide them a platform to truly grow their businesses and be seen for exactly who they are. It is my responsibility to lead the team to drive global growth, trade and brand partnerships for the brands under the Del Rainbow arc, which involves usually travelling to the New York and Paris market three times per year, meeting and showing the collections to the most premium retailers and department stores, and securing placements. Now with all things virtual, we connect and spread our rainbow waves through the virtual sphere and continue this process.


What drew you to The Ritual and then more specifically The Ritual Kits? 

I was connected with Brooke through a mutual friend and after reading Brooke’s story, it only took a second to feel her presence wash over me: I immediately knew that this was a powerful woman that I needed to meet and work with, and a woman who would also be a lifelong friend. I fell in love with all that Brooke is, her story, passion, connectivity, offering and of course her magick. The kits are the perfect extension of all that Brooke is and that is what I wanted to be an extension of. I intuitively knew that our buyers around the world and the greater community needed to experience what I knew would be a life changing connectivity and journey into ritual, through Brooke’s innate intuitiveness and ability to intertwine both authenticity and ignite internal power. The energy that she harnessed throughout each step of the creation of The Ritual kits, I could feel through the screen before even experiencing them in person. I knew it was now a part of my journey to send these to buyers during this time to allow the greater global community the opportunity to experience the power of The Ritual and build this connection. And so it was.


Our Coven is interested! How did we manifest The Ritual Kits x Net-a-Porter?

During the COVID lockdowns, our buyers were (and mostly still are) in lockdowns and experiencing only the virtual world. This was the first time in our lifetime that everyone was forced to journey inward and spend more time with themselves whilst still having to achieve enormous heights. The perfect time for people to be supported in this process, was now and with The Ritual. We had purchased the kits through Brooke to send to our buyers as gifts to begin 2021 with intention and time to connect with their higher selves before stepping into their year, encouraging them to lead with their intuition and greater purpose. This provided a handful of selected buyers a very personalized experience as they continued their personal journeys during this time, a way to allow them the insight into a ritualistic experience and Brooke’s world. Immediately after personally experiencing the kits and the incredible premium and curated offering (alongside the internal power of the ritual that packs a magickal shift), the NET-A-PORTER team felt that this experience would be an integral element for their audience and a deeper opportunity to connect and offer a product that harnesses truth, purpose, and intention. It is exactly what the global community needed during this time and beyond, it is the kick start to supporting‘self-care’ that provides so much more depth and truth. It is important to understand that this area isn’t readily delved into in the fashion, beauty or homewares world, so for us to be able to have this incredible opportunity to partner with NET-A-PORTER and both intentionally and subliminally provide expansion opportunity for the grater community, is powerful. We can begin, lead and shift the notion of ‘wellness’ with magick, authenticity and realness with The Ritual. Also such a fantastic opportunity to grow and stand by this ritualistic world in knowing that this is the path of the future, self-development, connectivity and expansion. To have a

product offering on site that can provide this and more, a tool for both self-discovery and discovery into the world of The Ritual was powerful and an amazing partnership unfolded. This also organically led to developing the exclusive ‘Embodied’ kit, to provide a ritual for the broad NET-A-PORTER community, which is my personal favorite and something that everyone needs in their world.


What Ritual Kit are you currently drawn to? 

The Manifestor Kit is what is currently calling my name. I have been in a sales season and need to connect with my higher self to bring forth the aligned partnerships and work from my truth. I work the best once aligned with my higher self, so always wanting to connect my head and heart.


What does Ritual mean to you? 

Time to connect with your higher self.

What Rituals do you currently practice that you help you to recentre and ground? (Describe morning or afternoon Ritual here or preference…) 

Each morning I step outside onto my deck with my two British bulldogs, breathe in the forest energy and focus on aligning my central column and sending white light throughout the world. The moment I feel the earth's energy, it reconnects me with my purpose, both grounding and setting me free.


How do you practice setting time apart as Sacred? 

For me, it’s all about connecting to nature. At home, we are so blessed to have a beautiful freshwater river running through our property, which feels like a fairy land to me. The sunlight sparkles and hits the water and the freshness feels so amazing on your skin. There are butterflies and dragonflies playing and dancing on the top of the water. The moment I sit down by the river and listen to the running water flow, whilst having the sunshine hit my face, this is what centers me and takes me home, to myself. 


At The Ritual, we’re all about empowering women. What is one thing you would say to women about owning their power and stepping into their worth? 

No one is you and that is your power. Every moment has led to this moment, creating you to be exactly who you are. Everything is perfect as it is. Your story is your magick, be unapologetically you and your true authentic self. That is where the magick unfolds and nothing feels more powerful then creating from your truth. It will always bring forward greatness.


What is the Awakened Woman to you? 

The woman who speaks and embraces her authentic self. 


Preferred element to work with at the moment… Water


Favourite Day of The Week…Monday, always ready to kick start a powerful week.


Currently on your Altar… Palo Santo from the Ritual Kit, Anointing Oil, Citrine Crystal.


I’m listening to… Del Rainbow’s Del Club Playlist I’m reading…


I am reading… ‘The Body Keeps the Score’ by Bessel Van Der Kolk, this was a recommended read and said that ‘anyonewho has a body or mind should read post 2020’ – so, all of us!


Current Venus Day Indulgence… A Brookies Slow Gin on ice


Things I am desiring/manifesting… I am desiring creation. There is something coming soon.


Ritual currently supporting me… A very magical Body Oil that is liquid gold and coming soon… that I have had the honor to experience. 


New Instagram Account I’m ogling… I live for Camille Charriere, she’s my ultimate girl. I have followed her since she had her blog Camille Over The Rainbow, naturally.

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