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This newsletter is fairly short and sweet. Frankly, I am proud of myself for getting it out! We are still adjusting to being a family of six.  Some days feel great while others leave me in an exhausted, hormonal puddle by 6 pm. I want to write more about this in the future when I can do it a bit more justice and give some time to it. But for now…In this Newsletter, we will discuss:
1. Ten meals perfect for batch cooking and freezing
2. Current things I have read/listened to/watched
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Winter is the perfect time of year to cook casseroles and soups. They are cozy and warm and there's just something about having a hot meal on a cold night. The best part: most soups and casseroles freeze super well! Here's a few of my favorites to double or triple and freeze for a day when I don't want to cook. All the recipes are linked in green.
This is a major favorite because it makes delicious, homemade spaghetti come together in no time. You can also go ahead and cook pasta and prep some spaghetti casseroles to make the whole process that much easier.
Wow have these been such a hit on the blog! Everyone loves them. Every time I take them to someone they ask for the recipe. It's so flexible and truly makes a ton! 
A favorite for winter time. I love freezing in my 2-cup soupercubes to have for quick lunches in the winter. This recipe is also dairy free!
Mom and I love to prep for a delicious, veggie filled lunch (again, freezing in the soupercubes). You can add any veggies you have on hand to bulk it up and doubling the recipe is super easy. 
Major comfort food; even with the cottage cheese it freezes so well! There's a ton of cheesy pasta casseroles out there, but trust me, the top layer of cream cheese and sour cream is heavenly.
This soup is like a big warm hug! And if you're vegetarian, you could totally leave out the meat and try my original vegetable soup. Add anything you have on hand; it is very (very) hard to mess up vegetable soup. When in doubt, add salt. 
One of the first NTK recipes I created and it remains popular for good reason! The love is in the title: NO CHOP! Save yourself a ton of time and try this one. 
For years, this recipe has been a fan favorite. And for good reason! It makes a ton, freezes so well, and is unique in flavor. It is perfect for taking to a new mom who wants something healthy but also comforting. It's gluten free (leave off the cheese to make it dairy free too). 
This might be one of the easiest recipes on the blog. But don't let easy make you think it's not delicious! This recipe is also one of the most popular with kids (they tend to trust brown things) and packs an awesome protein/fiber punch. Be aware: there's a lot of beans in this baby; it could make you gassy. 
I wanted to add one easy option for quick breakfasts and breakfast-for-dinner. And you don't have to use my recipe! Most any pancake and waffle recipe can be doubled and the leftovers frozen. Same goes for the majority of muffins and other baked goods. Whenever I make any baked good, I always double and freeze half. They defrost on the counter super fast (or in the toaster if making waffles). 
Overwhelmed by how/what to freeze?
I know the entire method of freezing can be overwhelming. How do you package it? How do you defrost? What can you freeze?! I have gotten these questions so much I made an entire guide about it! it's $12 and I can pretty much promise you it will pay for itself in no time with all the food you will save and energy you will conserve by learning to cook less and freeze more! You can click the button below to read more about it.


*I am going to use this section to only share things I read/watched I would suggest to another person. I definitely read/listened to/watched some duds! 

I flew through the Elin Hilderbrand (really, is anyone surprised at this point?!) Winter Street Series. All four books! Loved them. Highly suggest if you are a Hilderbrand fan. They are perfect for this time of year, and she even weaves in characters from her other books. Her books are so easy for me to read, and in this postpartum phase I loved having a series so I didn't have to learn new characters. 
**PS: if you are wondering how I am reading so much in this newborn phase, it's because of my Kindle! I downloaded all four books from my library (using the Libby app) and read while I nursed. The Kindle is so much easier on my eyes at night and doesn't have any blue light. I could take on a second job as a spokesperson for Kindle!
I listened to the audiobook of Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid and really enjoyed it. I would not listen to it with kids around, but I loved how it jumped back and forth between time periods. This book has been really popular and I can see why. It starts with a mystery of sorts and you are dying to see how it all ends. 
I have barely watched anything this last month. Come 7:30 I am so tired I try and go to bed right after the kids to get some sleep before Alberta wakes up in the night. Nate and I have been keeping up with Succession as it comes out weekly and it ticks a lot of boxes for us. It's a drama (Nate's favorite) and it isn't scary (I can't do scary). 
Oh, and one more! This is funny but daily I put on a Harry Potter on mute in the kitchen. I glance up from time and time and it feels like a Christmas decoration of sorts. Even without sound I know what is happening and it really is the perfect mood for this time of year: snowy and cozy. Hogwarts at Christmas…the best!
GET EXCITED! If you missed it last year, the NTK Home Reset is coming back in a few short weeks! This audio course was designed with respect for your time in mind. I know you don't have hours to sit in front of a computer screen. You want your house under control and you want it done fast. So, I made the course 100% audio! You can listen while you drive, or heck, even while you clean! 
Each episode comes with a printable checklist to keep you on track, while the audio keeps you motivated. This is by far my favorite thing I have ever created. I care deeply about having people love their homes and making your home work for YOU. If this sounds like something you might enjoy, you can read more about it by clicking the link below. 

That's all I have for you this month. Thanks for reading!