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I know it is so hard to pull out your pretty flowers from the summer to plant fall plants!

Pansies give us the color we love even through the snow! So now is really a great time to plant your pansies we grow them here so they are ready for the Texas weather!

Ornamental Cabbage and Kale



3 for $12.00

Great time to overseed fescue and bluegrass yards! We have plenty of grass seed in stock!





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All Fountains 

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everythings got to go!

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If you have questions, feel free to reply to this email. 

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We collect and reuse rain water!

2012: 108,665 gallons

2013: 108,696 gallons

2014: 123,193 gallons

2015: 181,051 gallons

2016: 123,879 gallons

2017: 141,951 gallons´╗┐

2018: 106,330 gallons

2019: 139,057 gallons

2020: 85,762 gallons

2021: 39,358 gallons