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Hi First name / friend!

The longer the world stays crazy the harder it is to hold on to hope. At this point, it seems like another lifetime when everything was shutting down for “three weeks”. Here we are - years later - and it feels like the end is far from in sight. 


In response to all of this, I'm focusing daily on remaining a non-anxious presence whenever you can. Fear and selfishness spreads faster than you would think. We can choose to stand in the gap and bring a sense of ease, positivity, and support when we get the chance. 


I hope today's Sunday Slow Down provides you a little rest and a dash of joy and a lot of peace. 


Such love for you all. 


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xo, emily

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pocket of peace

Just a reminder that peace is powerful. 


Peace is not a negative quality, the absence of violence, the pause between wars. God’s peace permeates creation, a powerful presence, “the ordering of Love.” There is nothing weak, wimpy or passive about this kind of peace." -Madeleine L'Engle


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coffee talk with em

Nothing makes me happier than a great recommendation. So here are a few of things that are sparking joy and bringing pockets of peace to my days. I hope you love these things as much as I do! Got a recommendation for our new Slow Down Sunday? Just reply to this email and tell me all about it! 


  1. This Etsy shop….I could (and maybe will) buy everything
  2. This album is pure peace.
  3. Use this unbelievable recipe to put all those apples from your sweet apple picking date to use.
  4. Need some background noise to keep you productive? This is perfection.
  5. Need some tasteful and precious decor for your bar cart? This is it.
  6. I'm sure you all listen to this podcast. But if somehow you don't - do so immediately! 
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reader spotlight

Hi, I'm Emily! ✨


This is a new feature starting today! And I'll kick us off! 

Home: Columbus, OH

Sippin' on: Venti iced coffee with pumpkin!

Listening to: the new Dan & Shay album

Watching: Ted Lasso!

Reading: Very Sincerely Yours (SO GOOD)

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