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hey there, friend!


How are you holding up?  Starting to show signs of cracking here Chez Sikorski (which is typical for September in FL), so this week was all about routine maintenance.  Cleaning up, checking-in, making it work, whatever it takes.  There have been a lot of scrambled eggs and toast eaten standing up in the kitchen.


Outside of work (which continues to be fantastic), the world swirling around us still feels so heavy, and the days are blending into a sea of sameness.  So I've been looking for very small ways to make everything feel just a little bit different from the norm.  Music instead of TV at night, podcasts instead of music during the day, fancy hair and real clothes, even though I'm WFH, meals seated at the table - just any little thing to make it all feel different in some small way.


And of course, these…


  • Giving myself photo ready hair for absolutely no reason
  • Bubbly water that actually tastes like Coke
  • Turning the air filters off in the morning just to sit in true silence for a few minutes
  • The most elegant string art I've ever seen
  • #banishbooblights
  • Sherwin-Williams's Color of the Year
  • Did you look, or did you LOOK?

Here are the other things that have been getting me by these days.  I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be.







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Keep taking care of yourself, okay?


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