Good Evening,


Thank you so very much for all your wishes on my birthday. It was really really sweet of you guys to mail me birthday wishes and I will remember the gesture for years to come! 


Having said that, the reason I'm actually writing to you today is also related to something that you guys mentioned quite frequently in your last email reply to me. 

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When I asked you guys which was your favorite Dohful cookie, a lot of you said that making that choice was hard because all the cookies were so unique & distinct in their taste. One of you actually refused to choose any one because she said, and I quote “She can't do it”. 


And I totally get it. I myself find it hard to choose at times! 

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And though, I'm gonna talk about this in detail in my next Sunday Letter, I just wanted to tell you it's not by accident


Each Dohful cookie is different and unique in taste, texture, flavour etc because we wanted them to be like that from the day we started. 


Whatever it was that your heart desired, whether it was chocolate, or nuttyness or ooey gooey lava to bite into, we wanted to bring our best take on that to you. 


Because I always feel if you have too many similar flavours, it just means that either you weren't happy with the first one you created. To my heart, it would make the most sense to have as varied tastes as possible. 

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And I'll tell you where this strong feeling of creating unique flavours comes from, in me. Back when we were in IMT, Chaman & I used to go this small pasta place near our college. 


The only unique thing about that place was that it had 27 different types of White Sauce Pasta, 27 different types of Red Sauce Pasta, 27 different types of Mixed Sauce Pasta and 27 different types of Maggi


No, I'm not kidding at all! 

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The way he managed that was by having say White Sauce Pasta with Corn, White Sauce Pasta with Capsicum, White Sauce Pasta with Onion, etc. etc. as individual items on his menu. 


The times all tasted the same! But that guy had managed to convert a 4 item menu into a 4 page menu. It baffled us to no means! 


So when we started out our first food venture, Sandwedges, we actually kept just 6 types of Sandwiches, one burger and a handful other things. It was an eleven item menu when we started. 


To date, it has 25 items on the menu…tops. 

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So what I'm trying to say with all this digression is that, we will always always always bring unique distinct flavours to you, no matter what we have to do, to make that happen. 


That's all I came here to say.

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P.S. : Hey, I know you're just here for the cookies…but that's okay! They're way more interesting than me anyways!! 


P.P.S : More on this on our next Sunday Letter, so make sure you stay tuned, we are going to talk about new cookie flavours this coming Sunday. 


till next time,