Sept 23rd, 2021

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reflections on living & unfolding

hey y'all!


i'm back and so grateful to all of you who have extended grace during this time. 


it’s interesting how much i have felt both exactly where i need to be and lost. i’m in a different climate, living and loving dynamics, and dwelling. my relationships to social and public relations have dissolved while my personal and professional have enriched.


in this all, i’ve noticed a few things: it's never one thing i'm experiencing and often contrasting things; missing a person is also missing a sensation, a physicality, a way of being; words fail me more often while images, places, people come to center to fill in those gaps. while it a jumbled mix, still i feel just right.


all of these noticings are data* about me in this moment. instead of making sense of it all, i have just been witnessing myself with myself (with-nessing). i’m witnessing how i navigate all this new-ness, how i am often holding multiple feelings, how it’s both freeing and challenging. sometimes i completely understand, other times i don't. this is change.


all of that is knowledge*. how i navigate life acknowledging it is my wisdom*. and it feels like the only thing i need to be doing right now for myself is noticing and acknowledging without letting making sense of it get in the way. its an enchanting and friction-full place, but perfect.


i’m wondering if this resonate with you? what would practicing noticing and acknowledging open for you? what would with-nessing yourself unfold? i welcome you to reply & share.


solo-practice: find a piece of music that aligns to your experience right now. as you listen to it, allow your imagination to wander and create a music video for it with you at the center. what do you notice as you with-ness? what can you acknowledge without making sense of from that?


*body data/ knowledge/ wisdom is language i learned from InterPlay Body Wisdom. i credit them for this frame & praise the indigenous lineages that gave them/ us awareness of it. 



quick scrumptious bites

- TheMoments' Youtube videos on facial massages has really upped my self-loving care & it feel so gooddd!!!


- my magical, eloquent friend Althea Seloover is debuting her newsletter! Althea believes justice is personal and desires to be her reader's accomplice. it'll include writing and thinking on justice with prompts and invitations for one's personal journey of confronting the systems of harm and oppression we live within. curious? excited? yes-ing? sign up here.


& may your unfolding be everything you need.

yasmin 💛

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