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I'm back!  Life got a bit hectic last week with my parents going back to New Mexico and readapting to our normal!  It's all good though because I am feeling refreshed and motivated. Before they came, I was at the end of my rope.


Rest and not being stretched too thin is important for a number of reasons, and creativity comes easier when you have a little bit more mental space!


We've been on the hunt for a nanny and failing. Apparently Squamish has a “childcare crisis" to use the words of all the daycares I've spoken with. Send us good vibes!


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Thought of the Week

Never Miss Twice


You may have noticed that I didn't send a newsletter last week.  It was a week of too many tasks, and creating a newsletter stayed on my to-do list and didn't get checked off.


The subjects I write and talk about on my podcast is actually stuff I practice in my own life!  After a lot of personal work, I actually didn't beat myself up for having this happen. There's a difference between accepting yourself and your mistakes versus becoming complacent or apathetic.  I felt that familiar itchy, uncomfortable feeling for not getting it done, but I gave myself a break.  There's a difference between laziness and taking on too much, but there is nuance too.


So here I am this week!  That brings me to today's topic.  My health coaching practice is all about behavior change (if you're interested in becoming a client, just hit reply!) and it's something that comes often.  Consistency is one of the most important factors in achieving anything in life. Oftentimes, missing an action that you're trying to turn into a habit or one that has been a habit for awhile can be a slippery slope into quitting altogether.  Think of it when you're trying to eat healthily- have you ever fallen into self-sabotage by thinking, “Well, I already ”messed up" today, I might as well eat this whole bag of chips, 3 cookies, and order a pizza."  That insidious temptation is all-or-none thinking.


How do you avoid having a slip-up turn into a giving up completely?  Simply tell yourself, “I missed that one time, but I will not miss twice" and then make sure that it doesn't happen.  So this week? I made it my #1 priority to make sure this newletter goes out.  Here's another example. Considering eating habits, if you eat something you didn't want to eat (or just ate too much of something), make sure your next action, snack or meal is a healthy choice.  The sooner you get back on track, the sooner you maintain your habit loop.


Outliers are just that- they are not the norm.  But if you let your outliers become the new pattern, that's where consistency breaks down. Individual mistakes rarely affect the big picture unless they become consistent.  Progress is not linear, but it's what you do next when you realize you're off track that matters! 


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Question for You


What contexts do I let one mistake turn into a landslide?

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I was a Guest!

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What happens when you start running for fun instead of a finish line? In this week’s podcast, Sonya sat down with Tina Muir, CEO of Running for Real, an incredible podcast and the largest global community of socially engaged runners, and talked about learning how to run for enjoyment instead of recognition.


Tina hosts the Running for Real Podcast, a collection of podcasts about running, the climate emergency and social justice. She also co-hosts Running Realized with Knox Robinson, exploring running culture.


In addition to her professional running career representing Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Tina is recognized for her story battling nine years with amenorrhea (RED-S), or the absence of menstruation.


Tina is the mother of two girls and is supported by Alta Running. 


Key Takeaways

  • Running for enjoyment instead of a finish line
  • Burnout
  • Amenorrhea
  • Evolution of self talk
  • Happiness versus success
  • Sports psychology and meditation
  • Passion versus compulsion
  • Climate Change
  • Running realized
  • Social change
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