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John K. Fiorilla, Esq.
Dyer & Peterson, PC
Parsippany and Riverton, N.J.
Past President of the ARDA Law Section
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Railroads using eminent domain to obtain property or property rights has a long history
Believe it or not the use of Eminent Domain by railroads to acquire property is not a new idea.  The Supreme Court opined on this as early as 1908 when in Hairston v Danville & W. R. Co., 208 U.S. 598 (1908), it ruled that that a railroad could validly exercise a right of eminent domain for the handling of business with nearby industrial facilities.  The Court also said that railroads could use the right to build spur lines and other facilities needed for its business.  Union Lime Co. v CNW R. Co., 233 U.S. 211 (1914).
Today most states still consider railroads to be “public utilities” operating in the public interest and therefore continue to give railroads the right of eminent domain to take property it needs for operations. The right to condemn given by the state to a railroad is a right that stems from the sovereign immunity of states and their right to take private property. However, it seems railroads don’t consider this as a viable option. Some seem to be saying we don’t want to be where we are not wanted.  But in our experience the real issue is not location but money.  In a matter which we handled for a Class I carrier in which a voluntary proposed purchase of property by the railroad was cancelled when the property owner demanded five times the appraised value, the railroad decided to use the state’s railroad eminent domain law and found that it was the first case of its kind in the state in fifty years. The New Jersey Supreme Court agreed that even after fifty years, the railroads right to condemn as a public utility and its proofs of need were solid and that the requirements to condemn originally found in a statute adopted in 1877 were still good law.  Norfolk Southern Railway Company v Intermodal Properties LLC, 215 NJ 142, 71 A3d 830 (2013).  The procedure took four years but the required property, needed to expand a yard and accommodate new intermodal traffic, was obtained for only a little more than the appraised fair market value. 

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