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Volume 1 // Issue 1                                                                                                   October 1, 2021


Welcome to the first edition of 10 Things, a treat right to your inbox each Friday with - you guessed it - ten of my favorite things from the week. 


Without further ado . . . 

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  1. These frozen pumpkin waffles from Trader Joe's. Review linked since you can't buy Trader Joe's online. But trust me: it is SO WORTH a trip to the store for these. 
  2. This podcast, which is a quick biography of Charles Spurgeon by one of my besties from law school. Excellent listen. 
  3. One of Us is Lying, a book I read in about 6 hours flat this past weekend. Think the breakfast club, but with murder. But seriously, I bought it at 2 p.m. on Saturday and finished reading it by 8 p.m. It's being made into a TV series which premiers on October 7th on Peacock - read in advance! 
  4. Then, when you're done reading One of Us is Lying, you can listen to this podcast episode from Bad on Paper podcast. One of Us is Lying was Bad on Paper's Book of the Week way back in 2018.
  5. A Lack of Stamina, an article written by Grace Atwood of The Stripe, on how disheartening and impactful the pandemic has been on those of us who have NOT suffered a deep trauma. 
  6. The Everygirl editors ranked all of the fall drinks at Starbucks from worst to best. I'm not a coffee drinker either, but they made me want to try #1. 
  7. This no-bake energy pop/protein ball/snack bite recipe from Eating Bird Food is my new favorite. Just 1-2 pieces keep you full and fend off the groggy afternoon vibes. 
  8. The Alliance with Phil Shea is a podcast episode from Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer (Angela and Pam, respectively), part of the Office Ladies podcast. It's a series rewatch podcast, episode-by-episode, with fun commentary, stories, exclusive interviews, and trivia for you diehard Office fans. 
  9. This Aveeno cleanser changed my life this week. I've had some really weird skin texture issues since moving apartments (change in water filtration? I don't know), and I bought this in hopes that it could smooth my face out without breaking the bank. It delivered. 
  10. The Art of Single Tasking, an article by The Lifestyle Files about how technology has rewired our brains and attention spans . . . and not in a good way.
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