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Early in the pandemic I packed an extra 30 pounds onto my 5’3” frame. In willful denial, I lived in yoga pants and avoided full-length mirrors. Finally stepping on the scale and seeing the number, my gut instinct was to hurl the scale across the room. 
This ‘throw the scale against the wall’ reaction is how countless women have described to me their feelings about looking at - let alone dealing with - their personal finances during the pandemic. Let’s be real; it’s not always fun to know the truth about how much we are spending or whether our savings goals are on track. 
Yet, what if we turned the desire to look the other way into 
an opportunity to gift ourselves curiosity? 
Once I began to get curious about my weight gain, I discovered an eating protocol - “nutritionally ketogenic, carnivore-based”- that honored my genetic composition. I’m finally headed back towards my medically healthy weight and a state of physical wellbeing. What a gift that curiosity ended up being!
What the heck does my weight saga have to do with your finances? 

If this pandemic has left you feeling anxious or concerned about money, treat yourself to a large dose of curiosity. Curiosity leads to knowledge, and inspiration plus knowledge leads to action. Below are some ways to get curious about your financial wellbeing. 
Go ahead, gift yourself :)

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