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October 2021
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Dear First name / Friend,

How are you? I hope you had a great summer and are ready for all the joys of this next, way-too-brief season. 🍂 Do you get fall colors where you live? We are days away from peak fall color here in Minnesota, but I have a little problem. 😬
Last Saturday, I was doing a mini session here at my farm and all of the sudden, I had pain under my big toe joint. The more I walked, the more it hurt and within an hour, I couldn't walk on it at all (good thing it was a mini-session!). 
I'm in the process of getting a diagnosis, but I'll be in a walking boot for the foreseeable future. Thankfully, I scaled back on portrait sessions this year so I only have a few. I still plan to do some photography this next week (how could I not??), I'll just be limited with how much I can move around. 
The above photo was taken during my “lesson” yesterday, which, because I can't ride at the moment ended up being Fritzie's lesson. But it does relate to my Quick Tip topic for this month…

Quick Tip - Does Better Gear Make You Better?

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It's an age-old question, isn't it? Can better camera gear really make you a better photographer? 
I would like to say it doesn't matter, but I would be lying. 🙈 I'm so sorry!
This summer, I invested in better tack because I have a horse who is very sensitive and expressive about it. 🙄 She's actually a gift to me in that she doesn't tolerate bad riding or being uncomfortable under saddle. 😆 So with the help of my instructor, Becky Seizert, I bought a custom fit Trilogy Dressage dressage saddle and Schockemöhle bridle. 💸💸
Aaaaaand…it's like I have a different horse to ride!
Not only does the saddle fit her better, it fits me better too, which means I am more balanced and stable on her back. And the bridle takes pressure off the sensitive areas of her face, which makes her a lot more comfortable and responsive. 
It was definitely worth the investment, however, without regular lessons with Becky, all this nice new tack won't matter much. I need a mentor to help me keep growing as a rider. I need both good gear and someone to help me know how to make the most of it.
I'm sure you know where I'm going with this…
About a year ago, I upgraded my camera gear from the Canon 5D Mk IV and 1Dx Mk II to the Mirrorless R5. I didn't expect it to make SUCH a difference in my photography, but it has (again, I'm sorry! 🙈). The whole experience of taking photos is different for me and the dynamic range it captures gives me much more to work with when editing the images.
But the camera doesn't take photos by itself.
You could buy the same camera and lens I have and without the knowledge and experience I've gained over the past 17 years, the gear isn't going to do you much good. Sure, you'll probably get more images in focus and be able to do a bit more when editing the files, but you won't necessarily know how to:
  • use the light
  • nail your focus
  • pose your subjects
  • make creative compositions
  • tell a story
  • find your own style as a photographer
  • get the most out of your images when you edit them
Just like with riding, you need someone to teach you or the having the best gear won't matter. 
If you want to grow and become a more skilled photographer, you need a mentor. Whether that's myself or someone else, how you make the most of whatever gear you have is to have someone helping you.
My photography mentorships for the year have just wrapped up and I'm about to gear up for 2022. If you are a photographer looking to gain confidence behind the camera, keep an eye out for when I open up registration for the Wings Mentorship, which starts in January! For now, visit to learn more about my mentorships.
Bonus tip: How DO you know when you're ready to upgrade your camera gear?
When you feel like your current gear is holding you back from making the images you feel you are capable of. Some examples would be if you aren't able to get sharp photos no matter what you do, then you might need a better or newer lens. Or if you find you are taking photos in low light a lot and your camera doesn't handle high ISOs very well, then it's time for a new camera body. 

What I'm Reading and Listening To…

"Rainy's solid clip-clop and Amanda's more delicate tap-tap and the creak of the saddle leather formed the music I lived by; it matched the beat of my heart."
Melissa A Priblo Chapman
When I attended the American Horse Publications Conference in September, I was given a book - a real paper book - called “Distant Skies.” It's a memoir of a woman who, in her 20s, rode from New York to California on horseback (back in the 80s, before GPS and cell phones!) 
At the conference, I heard that people who had already started reading it couldn't put it down, so once I got home, I dove in. This is hands-down the best book I've read in a very, very long time. I loved it so much, I cried reading the last few chapters and even read all the acknowledgements because I didn't want the book to end! The author takes you on the most beautiful journey, with all its ups and downs. I can't recommend it enough!

Past Journals

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Recent Photo of Maisy, who comes home in less than a month! 🎉😍
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