No Sunday Letter for today…

So…I had an amazing thing planned for you today. I don't want to get into a lot of details because we are still getting it done and I plan to share it with by mid-week, this week.
But I just want to say that sometimes it takes much more than what you had imagined to make something happen. And it sucks but that's how it is. 
Someone asked me a few days ago, how do a founder separate yourself from the daily race of how much orders you're getting and the growth numbers? Is that separation even possible? 
And I reminded myself today what I told him the other day - not everything is in my control! I can do my part, I can share my story, my passion, my way of working to the world and its up to the people to become a part of this Dohful journey.
And they do become. Whether or not I fail sometimes. Whether or not I deliver always. 
I was very excited for what we were going to do today. To just give you a hint, we were finally put a face to this newsletter that you guys have been reading for quite sometime now. 
It couldn't happen today for a lot of reasons, but good things always take time to materialise. And we're still on it. Meanwhile, you can sit back, enjoy your favorite cookies and look out for my next email, I'll be back with what was supposed to be…today's Sunday Letter

P.S - Yup, I remember you're just here for the cookies! Here they are!! 
till next time..