Hello, Hello!
How are you this fine Sunday evening? I hope you had a relaxing weekend, have enjoyed with your friends & family and are now ready to get started with another week that's ahead of you. 
And if you aren't there yet, maybe having a pack of Dohful cookies with you might help? IDK..I mean its sure worth a try! And if you read till the end of this Sunday Letter, I promise I have something there for you. 
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Welcome to Dohful's Sunday Letter guys, today I want to talk about something that we used to talk about a lot earlier but I don't remember doing so for quite sometime now. 
Why we don't offer COD?
I don't know if this question has ever popped up in your mind, or if you've ever NOT placed an order with us just because you wanted to do COD. But I'm sure there are many people who have wondered about this, at some point of time or the other.
In fact, I was talking to someone recently who felt really strongly about having COD. So in case, any of you guys feel the same way too…please hear me out
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The biggest & the only reason we do not offer COD is to avoid Food Wastage.
You guys know that we bake the cookies only after we receive your orders. Every single time, your cookies are baked fresh, just for you. We don't keep any inventory with us. Because even though the cookies are good for 30 days after baking, we want you guys to get the freshest cookies possible
And this is something we believe in, to the greatest extent. That's our whole reason for starting Dohful cookies - to serve the best freshly baked cookies ever. 
In fact, that's also why we say that orders received upto 2 pm would be dispatched the same day. Because we need some time to prepare the cookies before dispatch. 
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So what happens when you add COD to this mix?
Since all the cookies are baked on order, if for any reason, the order does not get accepted at the delivery location, and it gets returned to us, those cookies are completely wasted as we cannot give them to anyone else. 
And since the probability of a COD order getting cancelled is way higher than a prepaid order, this small step from our side can lead to a potentially huge amount of cookie wastage. Not kidding!
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So, to avoid all the food wastage and my heartbreak, every time a cookie goes down the drain, we decided to have only prepaid, confirmed orders before we start baking. 
Trust me, it was not the easiest decision that we have ever made. In the beginning, we used to explain this whole thing to every single customer who would listen to us, about why we don't offer COD
It was over time that slowly & steadily this question became rare and far apart. So really, it has been quite some time that I talked about offering COD in Dohful.
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Specially here on Sunday Letter. So here I am, with our side of the story in front of you guys. I hope after reading this, if this was ever the reason to not order Dohful cookies, you might change your mind and give us a try nevertheless! 
Before I leave, I'd just like to remind you that we are a 100% eggless, vegetarian kitchen, so if you have any inhibitions about ordering food from outside during the Navratris, you can put your mind to rest and order your favorite cookies without any doubt. 
And First name, remember that 15% OFF discount coupon, TreatYourself that was applicable on purchase of 2 boxes or more? Well, its back live. Go, run, place your order before it gets deactivated again! 
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till next time,