Hi First name / Friend,
It's been a really busy Summer, and Fall hasn't shown any signs of slowing down for us here at Plates with Purpose, but we are totally OK with that. The work our donors allow us to be part of is some of the most humbling and rewarding.
If you're not familiar with our program, we invite you to take a look at a few of our favorite highlights from the past few months, and learn more about our program by visiting our website.
Blackie's joined the Plates with Purpose family this month, generously committing to reinvesting the revenue from donations back into Smithfield. 
Plates with Purpose is a donation-based program, powered by the compassion and kindness of others. Our model facilitates a two-way value exchange, providing relief for the restaurants we love, in return for preparing delicious and nourishing meals for local individuals and families, who are struggling to meet their basic food needs.
together, we will make a difference!
 With Purpose & Love,
Jenn & Jen