The ins and outs all in one spot.

I'm so excited you want to know a little more about the promoting side of things with Le-Vel! The quality of the products is what drew me in, the simplicity of it all blew me away and the compensation plan helped me change my life from day one! Here is a brief overview of the company, what we do as promoters, what we offer, our comp plan and starter options if you want to lock arms with me and MAKE SOME MAGIC HAPPEN! 


What we have our hands on.

So, Thrive by Le-Vel is a premium grade health and wellness company. It's the fastest growing health and wellness movement in the world. We are in the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. We have over 10 million customers and nearly 2 billion in sales. We offer a variety of products, but we are most well known for our three step system - vitamins, lifestyle shakes, and DFTs (wearable nutrition)

In addition to our 3 steps, we have an entire CBD skincare line, protein bars, probiotics, and many other wellness products! There is literally something for everyone, but the best part is everything is natural and plant based.


What we do as promoters

As a promoter, you're simply sharing your love for the products and the biz and enrolling customers/promoters through authentic attraction marketing. You get paid weekly based on the amount of people you help get started with the products and the people you enroll to promote like I do. You can make money solely off your own commissions, but once you team begins to grow, that's where you see the BIG money. The business model is simple and it's so fun sharing a product that actually works and everyone LOVES! It seriously does not feel like work at all.


As promoters, there are NO monthly fees, NO monthly minimums, NO "discount" fees, NO cold/mass messaging, NO mandatory autoships, NO paying for your product after this, NO ranking based on charting/placements and NO need to spend $$ on controlled accounts.


I know it sounds too good to be true, but IT'S NOT. This company is truly unmatched in all categories: product reputation, team culture, compensation plan, benefits and perks, promoter retention, business model logistics, etc.


How to become a promoter

To become a promoter, all you need to do is a purchase a promoter pack below and you're in! Simple. Simple. Your enrollment options are below! You and I willl be locking arms from the beginning to make sure you hit your VIP $800 CASH bonus plus commissions within your first two weeks (watch the comp video at the end to hear more about this). I'll also plug you into the best training in the industry so you will have everything you need to hit the ground running. Keep in mind, after your initial investment, you will be THRIVING for FREE every month. You won't be paying for your own products and no monthly fees. It's a WIN WIN.


Pick      your    pack

Promoter Pack: $200 (1 month supply)

-1 box of vitamins, 2 boxes of shakes & 30 DFT patches.

-Also includes $35 in thrive product credits


Promoter Pack: $400 (2.5 month supply)

*package that I purchased and recommend*

-3 boxes of vitamins, 3 boxes of shakes, and 60 DFT patches

-Also includes $25 in thrive product credits

-FREE product of your choice *Balance probiotic pills are my fav

-Includes 10 three day sample packs to send to customers. You can charge what you want: I normally charge $25-30 = $250 to $300 back on your initial investment which does not include 20% commission earned plus bonuses

-you can also use some of your own supply for additional handmade samples 

Promoter Pack: $800 (4.5 month supply)

- Double the $400 promoter pack above

-6 month supply of 3 steps with 2 free products

- $Also includes $25 in thrive product credits

-Includes 20 three day sample packs to send to customers. If you charge the normal $25-30 = $500 to $600 back on your initial investment 

If you're ready to pull the trigger, let me know what package you want to start with and we will get your ENROLLED TODAY! I'm excited to possibly lock arms!