Hello Friends,
I hope you are having a blessed and joyful week in the Lord.  
The world seems to have gone crazy lately, but one thing I'm sure of is God has never left me and He knows the outcome of everything.  And most of all I CAN TRUST HIM.  As I work on a Bible Study entitled “Behold Your God” (aff. link) I am reminded over and over of who God is.  There is none like Him!  A great passage to read is Isaiah 40:12-25 which is one place in God's Word to reflect upon Our Great and Almighty God. Yet as awesome as He is, He loves me!  How amazing is that!
It's so easy to get focused on all the bad that I forget that someone out there may need some encouraging.  Here's a good way to encourage someone during the fall season. Take some of these fall blessing cards and pass them along.   
My husband and I have been listening to audio books many evenings. We love SCRIBD (found here and also my affiliate link)  We have listened to some incredible stories. Here's a list of some of my other favorite books.   

It's not too early to start shopping for Christmas.  Shop HERE and HERE and CBD has free shipping until the 19th with just a $35 order.  

Until next time, Blessings from Ellen at Joyful Abundant Life