Hello Hello,
First of all a very Happy Dussehra to you! I hope you had a great long weekend break and are ready to take on the new week like a pro!
I know Sunday evenings are usually reserved for family time and every time I start writing a letter to you, I feel guilty of stealing a few moments of your time away from them. 
But I try to make up for it by bringing you interesting stories about Dohful, our cookies, the way we work and lots more! 
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This week, we are going to talk about the Diwali Box you guys have been asking about (or should I say demanding!?) for the past few days. 
Thank you so much guys! Our Diwali box planning had started long time back but even before we could get everything together and launch the box, so many of you guys reached out to us, asking about our Diwali Gift boxes that it became the greatest motivation for us! 
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Okay, so coming to the elephant in the room…our Diwali Gift Box. Well, this Diwali we have not 1 but 2 amazing Diwali offers for you! 
We thought a lot about what a perfect Diwali gift would be. We imagined it to be something different, yet matching up the festive occasion. It should capture and portray the essense of Diwali and carry a beautiful message to the recipient. 
Keeping all these things in mind, we have come up Two Diwali boxes for you guys - Chocolate Lover's Diwali Gift Box and The Ultimate Diwali Gift Box. 
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The Chocolate Lover's Diwali Gift Box is perfect for you to send to your friends or small families. This Diwali Gift Box contains - 
2 x Choco Brownie Cookies  *bestselling cookie*
2 x Choco Chunk Cookies *bestselling cookie*
2 x Tri-Chocolate Ombre Cookies *new launch cookie*
1 x Soy wax Candle *scented candles*
1 x Diwali Card
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If you are wondering why you have never heard about the Tri-Chocolate Ombre Cookies before, well they are just newly launched especially for this Diwali Box only!
If you follow us on Instagram you might know that we had been making this cookies for the past few days, but instead of doing a regular cookie launch, we thought why not have a new cookie in the Diwali box itself?
And though adding a new cookie in the Diwali gifts was a last minute decision, I'm so so happy that we are doing this, because I think I have found a new favorite in Dohful and I can't wait for you guys to try. 
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Coming to the Ultimate Diwali Gift Box, this one is perfect to be sent to immediate family members, and people really really close to your heart! 
This Ultimate Diwali Gift Box contains 
2 x Choco Brownie Cookies *bestselling cookie*
2 x Choco Chunk Cookies *bestselling cookie*
2 x Macadamia Nuts Cookies *surprisingly amazing cookies*
2 x Nutella Lava Cookies *Nutella filled cookies*
2 x Tri-Chocolate Ombre Cookies *new launch cookie*
2 x Soy wax Candle *scented candles*
1 x Diwali Card
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Yes…so this Ultimate Diwali Gift contains 10 cookies just like Dohful Special Gift Box. With a couple of differences of course. Instead of the Peanut Butter Marble cookie in that one, we have the new addition Tri-Chocolate Ombre cookies in this Ultimate Diwali Gift Box.
Apart from that there are 2 beautiful Soy wax candles in this box and one beautiful Diwali card from your side. 
Are you still reading? Go, rush, pre-order your Diwali Gift Box right away! 

P.S. All Diwali boxes will be shipped from 21st Oct onwards! 
P.P.S. If you want to order more than 10 boxes, please reach out to us via Whatsapp or email, we'll help you out! 

till next time,