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Volume 1 // Issue 4                                                                                                   October 22, 2021
Welcome to 10 Things, a treat right to your inbox each Friday with - you guessed it - ten of my favorite things from the week. 
Thanks for your patience with this week's edition - I didn't get it scheduled ahead of time because I've had some major car issues that I've been dealing with. Happy weekend!
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  1. This rainy NorCal weather has got me in a big reading mood (as if every kind of weather doesn't have me in a reading mood . . . lol). These 11 self help books to inspire creativity are at the top of my list.
  2. This episode of Jordan Lee Dooley's SHE podcast covers her mom's tips for fun, stress-free holiday hosting. For those of you hosting extended family for the first time or just wondering how to make holidays more about the memories and less about the decor, this one's for you!
  3. After posting some photos from my Boston trip, both on the blog and on instagram, I had some questions about what I use to edit. I use the mobile edition of Adobe Lightroom - which has a free and paid version. I use the free one, and it does wonders. This post from The Blonde Abroad is the perfect beginner's guide to Lightroom. 
  4. In light of the Great Resignation, more and more workers are finding new jobs this season. That sparks something called the new hire cliff - here's how to keep yourself from falling off of it. 
  5. I'm all about easy breakfasts these days. Here's a bunch of information on overnight oats - a quick breakfast that can be personalized in all kinds of ways. My favorite is adding chopped banana, peanut butter, and a drizzle of honey on top. 
  6. Feeling relaxed recently? Survey says, you might not actually be relaxed - just experiencing less stress than usual. Here's 10 signs that you're more stressed than you think. The skin issues one hit home for me!  
  7. And since now you know you're actually stressed af . . . here's the red wine that people in this blue zone love. Blue zones are geographic areas with much higher concentrations of centenarians (people who live to be 100+). One such place is Sardinia. 
  8. This one's not going to be for everybody, but one of my guilty pleasures is rewatching old reality TV. Think Below Deck, Project Runway, Survivor… reality TV with a fun twist/point/experience, more so than Housewives or Kardashians or something, which I've never watched. Southern Charm is one of my all-time favorites. One of my favorite podcasts interviewed Shep Rose, a very iconic Southern Charm character, in this episode. It's somewhat old, but I've been on a rewatch binge so don't judge me. 
  9. How to create the ultimate fall charcuterie board. I'd come up with more commentary but that's it. That's the article. 
  10. Maybe your algorithm has been shoving various meal delivery services down your throat too (read: Factor, Freshly, Hello Fresh, etc.), but if not, maybe this article will convince you to try Daily Harvest. I'm genuinely intrigued. 
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