3 Steps to a Healthier You
A methylated, daily multivitamin filled with B vitamins and 12 other vitamins & minerals to give you alllll that natural energy. Take these 1st thing in the morning on an empty stomach and feel them working within 10 minutes. Available in men's and women's.  
An ultra-micronized (super fine powder) shake. This shake comes in a variety of delishhhh flavors with only 2g of sugar, filled with 15g of protein, pre and probiotics, and 22 other vitamins & minerals. Drink this shake 10-15 minutes after taking your vitamins. Mix with your favorite kind of milk, or enjoy in a smoothie! Curbs your appetite for 3-5 hours, helps with weight management, and fuels your body with additional energy.
AKA Dermafusion Technology - what sets us apart from any other wellness company - the world's first and only wearable nutrition. Patches that stick on with plant nectar and fill your nutritional gaps all day long, along with increasing energy & your metabolism. There are different DFT's to customize to your goals: weight loss, mood support, energy boost, weight gain, mental focus, etc. 
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Additional Information:
All products are all-natural and plant based. Shakes are keto friendly and gluten free.
There are 30 patents on these supplements, meaning you won't find a knock-off 3 step system anytime soon. 
You don't have to take all 3 steps; however, you will see the best results with all 3 as they were formulated to work together.
There are no required auto-ships for customers or promoters, and every customer or promoter is able to earn their product for free after their first purchase!
Feel free to message me with any questions you may have!